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ZRC Galvalite 20013 Cold Galvanizing Compound
ZRC Galvalite 20013 Cold Galvanizing Compound

ZRC Galvalite 20013 Cold Galvanizing Compound | Single Gallon | Iron and Steel Corrosion Protection | Matches Hot-Dip Galvanized Performance | Contains 95-Percent Metallic Zinc

Product ID : 41146862
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Galleon Product ID 41146862
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ZRC Galvalite 20013 Cold Galvanizing Compound Features

  • Organic Zinc-Rich cold compound coating containing 95% metallic zinc for galvanic protection

  • Equivalent to hot-dip galvanizing protecting ferrous metals from rust and corrosion

  • Apply by brush, roller or spray

  • Battleship grey color with a flat finish

  • Meets VOC standards in all 50 states

About ZRC Galvalite 20013 Cold Galvanizing Compound

Item Specifics: Color - Battleship Gray with a flat finish Drying time of coating is dependent upon temperatures, but product has no application temperature limit Theoretical coverage -450 square feet per gallon at 1.5 mil dry film thickness. Recoat time -(Second coat) After 12 hrs. Under certain conditions, recoat time can be reduced. Please contact manufacturer for specifics. Electrical Conductivity - 73 million ohms per square @ 3 mils dry (resistivity). Flash Point - 104°F (40°C) (SETA method, ASTM D3278) Mass Density - 2.797 gms/cm cubed Viscosity - 1900 cps. Brookfield RVT spindle #5 @ 100 RPM, 25°C Pencil Hardness - 2H (ASTM D3363) Impact Resistance - Greater than 30 inch lbs. (Extrusion) (per ASTM-D2794) Abrasion Resistance - 11.5 liters per dry mil (tested at 3 dry mils) (per ASTM-D968-51)Z.R.C. Manufacturer Details: ISO 9001 registration assures the highest quality consistently Conforming to Federal Specification DOD-P-21035A (formally MIL-P21035A) for repair of hot-dip galvanizing Meets the requirements of Military Specification MIL-P-26915A USAF Specification for Zinc-Rich Paints