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AIRFREE BabyAir Filter Free Portable - Air Free
AIRFREE BabyAir Filter Free Portable - Air Free
AIRFREE BabyAir Filter Free Portable - Air Free
AIRFREE BabyAir Filter Free Portable - Air Free
AIRFREE BabyAir Filter Free Portable - Air Free
AIRFREE BabyAir Filter Free Portable - Air Free
AIRFREE BabyAir Filter Free Portable - Air Free
AIRFREE BabyAir Filter Free Portable - Air Free
AIRFREE BabyAir Filter Free Portable - Air Free

AIRFREE BabyAir Filter Free Portable - Air Free Home Air Purifier Machine & Kids Room Projector Night Light - No Replacement Filters Or Cleaner Needed

Product ID : 43452673
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Galleon Product ID 43452673
Shipping Weight 2.95 lbs
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Model BabyAir
Manufacturer Airfree
Shipping Dimension 15.12 x 5.98 x 5.98 inches
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AIRFREE BabyAir Filter Free Portable - Air Free Features

  • ✔️ HOW IT WORKS: Our unique Patented Thermodynamic TSS CoreTechnology system uses heat to kill chemical and organic allergy causing microorganisms such as mold spores, fungus, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollen, ozone, pet hair dander, or cigar & cigarette smoke. Having a pet dog, cat or multiple pets doesn't matter.

  • ✔️ SAFE: Our true whole air purifiers do not spray or emit ozone, ions, or other harmful products. Ozone is a toxic gas known to trigger asthma and destroy essential lung tissue as per the EPA. Independent lab tests found our filtration provides removal of 26% ozone and 99.99% of all microorganisms in your house.

  • ✔️ SILENT OPERATION: Our fresh clear air purifiers not only create better indoor air quality but are silent. They run noise-free in a bedroom or baby nursery so everyone can still sleep & stay sharp. Our quiet operation works well in a home office, bathroom, kitchen, other large rooms or space where clean odor-free air is desired.

  • ✔️ SMART DESIGN Our electronic air sterilizer is compact, easy to pack and use. It also blends well with any decor. The built-in night light projector kit provides three different colors of lights either blue, green, or red. Kids will enjoy the display of stars on their ceiling and virus-free air with no mask required.

About AIRFREE BabyAir Filter Free Portable - Air Free

FRESH AIR:  Airfree provides fresher air in a laundry room or bedroom.  Place our appliances on the floor, a desktop stand, a dresser, nightstand bed table, armoire or other level furniture.  We are the perfect combo of TSS air sterilization and germ-killing deodorizing air freshener and conditioner technology.  We vacuum away the cold & flu germs that litter your precious air. Our white purifiers clean more than any activated carbon micron deodorizer or charcoal filter ever could.✔️ MAINTENANCE FREE:  Our maintenance-free filtration means you don't need a specialized scrubber wand, disinfectant, sanitizer or sterilizer for disinfection of water-washable filters.  And you don’t need to change or deal with constant filter replacements, deodorizers or sanitizers.✔️ QUALITY:  Airfree brand purifiers help you breathe easy knowing our system is mighty eliminator of mold, mildew & other indoor air pollution. We are a generator of clean breathable air for those using a doctor recommended medical nebulizer, CPAP machine, humidifier, or multiple humidifiers throughout their home.✔️ EASY TO USE:  Simply plug in the purifier to start the air purification diffuser process. We supply chemical-free air up to 450 feet square. ✔️ HELPFUL GUARDIAN:  We successfully clean the air for those living with allergies or a smoker.  We are a remover of bad vapor from smokers smoking cigars, cigarettes or those that like to vape. Our purifiers help to guard the personal air of a baby, toddler, or other small children. We give you power and control over what you inhale.  ✔️  TSS TECH:  Our exclusive Patented Thermodynamic TSS Core Technology has been independently tested in real-life working conditions by world-renowned laboratories of six different countries including labs in the USA, Sweden, and Germany.  The lab test proved that our machines will kill and kills microorganisms that pass through no matter the size.  Below is a step by step explanation of the toxin killer process:• The remote contaminated air enters into the Airfree unit via natural air convection.• The microorganisms are heater eliminated inside at temperatures close to 400 °F.• The sterilized air is cooled and returns to the surrounding environment.• The safe, anti-germ, & purified cool air will now travel throughout your home in a breeze.