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Sharp 8'' Chef Knife & Sharpener, Balanced Quality
Sharp 8'' Chef Knife & Sharpener, Balanced Quality
Sharp 8'' Chef Knife & Sharpener, Balanced Quality
Sharp 8'' Chef Knife & Sharpener, Balanced Quality
Sharp 8'' Chef Knife & Sharpener, Balanced Quality
Sharp 8'' Chef Knife & Sharpener, Balanced Quality
Sharp 8'' Chef Knife & Sharpener, Balanced Quality
Sharp 8'' Chef Knife & Sharpener, Balanced Quality

Sharp 8'' Chef Knife & Sharpener, Balanced Quality Stainless Steel Blade: Easily Cut Sushi, Sashimi, Chicken Meat & More, Professional Cutting, Chopping, Slicing & Dicing, Ergonomic Kitchen Equipment

Product ID : 23777624

Galleon Product ID 23777624
Shipping Weight 1.6 lbs
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Manufacturer Bert
Shipping Dimension 15 x 4.06 x 2.01 inches
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Sharp 8'' Chef Knife & Sharpener, Balanced Quality Features

  • FRUSTRATED WITH KNIVES THAT FALL APART? Secare's Chef's Kitchen Knife is engineered to stand the test of time. It is constructed of extra durable stainless steel that's designed so that it won't rust, pit, corrode or break. Unlike cheap stamped knives, ours has a handle that will never split or fall apart. Our knives are made of top quality materials to ensure a lifetime of use

  • SLICE WITH COMFORT, DON'T TIRE YOUR HANDS - ERGONOMIC, BALANCED WOODEN HANDLE: Whether you need to slice meat or vegetables, our balanced, comfortable handle gives you complete control over the blade making for better and safer cuts. Secare's Culinary Knife is perfectly balanced from handle to blade and weighted perfectly to let the blade do most of the work. The wood handle is natural and comfortable, letting you cut longer without fatigue and lets you make perfect cuts time after time

  • BRING YOUR CULINARY VISIONS TO LIFE - EXTREME PRECISION: Whether you're trying to make sushi, sashimi, Tuna Tataki, and prosciutto or make fine garnishes, the Chefs Cutting & Chopping Knife by Secare has not only the sharpness, but the proper shape to enable you to make these cuts with ease. Create stunning edible displays that make each meal that much more enjoyable. You'll be able to deliver a dish that rivals any professional restaurant from the comfort of your own home

  • DO THE WORK OF MULTIPLE KNIVES WITH JUST ONE MULTIFUNCTIONAL BLADE: There's a reason the eight-inch professional Chef Knife is the best selling knife and considered 'pro equipment' in the cutlery and cooking world. This one knife by Secare has thousands of uses: boning, cutting, slicing & chopping. Cut beef, chicken, fish & vegetables; make sushi & sashimi; chop garlic and chives; slice fruit and virtually any kind of food, all with this one knife

  • NEVER CUT YOUR HANDS BECAUSE OF A DULL BLADE AGAIN! INCLUDES SHARPENER: Ask any chef and they'll tell you: a sharp blade is a safe blade. When your blade is sharp, it does all the cutting for you. When you force a dull blade, that's when accidents happen. That's why sharpening regularly is so vital. Secare's knife comes with a superior quality sharpener which extends the life of the blade and ensures you'll always have a sharp, precise blade edge when you're ready to chop and slice!

About Sharp 8'' Chef Knife & Sharpener, Balanced Quality

Look No Further for the Perfect Chef's Knife - Crafted for Culinary Perfection Professional chefs all agree there are three knives that are a must have for any kitchen: The chef's knife, the paring knife and the serrated knife. The Secare Chef's Knife checks all the boxes for the perfect, go-to knife whether you're a pro working in a fancy restaurant or a mom or dad cooking a simple meal for the family. If you like to cook, this knife is a must have and will make your life easier! Our knife is designed with the same specs as knives forged in Germany or Japan. In addition, you get a sharpener included in the package, so you can focus on your cutting knowing that your blade has a sharp edge and is ready to go every time you pull it out. Our wood handle is crafted with ergonomics in mind and provides better grip and stability for hours of use. It won't cramp your hand no matter how long you're holding it. The wood is natural and more comfortable than plastic, ceramic material or rubber. Balance is key when choosing a knife, and our knife is forged with precision balance that allows the ultra-sharp blade to do most of the work for you making for a better, safer cutting experience in the kitchen. The Chef's knife by Secare is: • An excellent chopper, slicer and cutter • Easy to clean up! Wash in sink and towel dry for longevity • Designed to be displayed proudly - classy, black design fits modern kitchens • Built to be the best knife you've ever used • The ideal gift to a friend - elegant packaging and complimentary sharpener make it into a great gift set for women and men who love cooking! Don't waste time switching between numerous knives, none of which fit quite right or cut sharp enough to get the job done the right way, resulting in tears and deformations in your meat and vegetables. Order the best chef's knife you'll ever use today!