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Artificial Intelligence Takeover: How to
Artificial Intelligence Takeover: How to

Artificial Intelligence Takeover: How to Futureproof your Kids

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About Artificial Intelligence Takeover: How To

The Robots are Coming for Our Jobs but Here’s How to Secure a Seat for Your Children in the Future…………………Do you want your kids to have a bright future? Then teach them about Artificial Intelligence, and guide them through the process of choosing the right careers- careers that will still be relevant when robots and automated machines take over. Artificial intelligence is going to take over the world in the next few years. Artificial intelligence and robotic technologies are revolutionizing the personal and professional lives of people all over the world.Robots are coming for our jobs and we can’t run away from that. Price Waterhouse Coops, a leading Professional Services Network has predicted that Artificial Intelligence technology will replace at least 38% of all jobs in the USA. Some other experts have predicted that up to 45% of existing jobs will be lost to robots and automated machines.Unfortunately, many children are in school right now studying to qualify for jobs that would no longer exist by the time they graduate. Your job as a parent is to guide your child, show them which career paths and get them interested in the careers that will still exist and remain relevant by the time they are ready to join the labor market.It is your duty as a parent, to prepare your kids for this coming revolution. Your children can be the Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg’s of their generation, rather than the unemployed guy whose resume ends up in the recycle bin.This book is not just for kids, it’s for adults too. If you’re worried about robots kicking you out of your job in the future, this book will help you futureproof yourself.