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Copywriting Secrets: How Everyone Can Use The Power
Copywriting Secrets: How Everyone Can Use The Power
Copywriting Secrets: How Everyone Can Use The Power

Copywriting Secrets: How Everyone Can Use The Power Of Words To Get More Clicks, Sales and Profits . . . No Matter What You Sell Or Who You Sell It To!

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About Copywriting Secrets: How Everyone Can Use The Power

Product Description What if you could sell anything to anyone?Nobody is born knowing how to sell. But the truth is, you can learn how to sell more . . . a LOT more . . . when you discover the right words that make people buy. Copywriting is selling. Whether online, offline, in video, direct mail, on Facebook, or from the stage, copywriting is how you put words together that make people click, call,or pull out their wallets and buy from you. Whether you're a coach, author, "funnel hacker", e-commerce seller, or real estate agent, your ability to create sales copy that drives people to buy determines your paycheck, your lifestyle, and your family's future. In the fast-paced, attention-starved, social media-driven world of business today, two facts about your ability to create sales messages (copywriting) stand out: Fact #1: Great Copywriting = Incredible lifestyle, plenty of money, and freedom! Fact #2: Poor Copywriting = Struggle forever and die poor! Putting The Right Words On Paper And Online Is The Single Most Profitable Skill Everyone Can Learn. This book teaches you street-smart copywriting, which means this book teaches youhow to get results today. (Because we all need to make more sales today . . . not tomorrow, not next week!) If you've tried to write ads, emails, and sales letters for your business before and failed, this book is for you. If you need to make more sales -- no matter what you sell or who you sell it to -- this book is for you. Bottom Line: If you want to make a lot more money, have a lot more time off, and enjoy a lot more freedom, this book is for you . . . especially if you're not making as many sales as you want to right now. Review "Being one of the highest paid copywriters on the planet, I went into this book thinking it'd be a good review session . . . I was wrong. Jim put together a chest of gold that has all the foundational principals you actually need, plus real and tangible action steps to cash-in immediately--no matter what your skill level. I'm upset that Jim didn't write this a decade ago. Absolute gold!!" Dana Derricks, Author of Dream 100 Book, Dream100Book.com "One of the greatest leveraged skills you can learn and apply is good copywriting . . . it gives you the ability to sell without being in-person and multiply your perfect sales person 24/7. I tell nearly any entrepreneur, it's worth investing in the ability of creating words that sell. Here's a perfect primer and guidebook to give you an unfair advantage." Yanik Silver, creator InstantSalesLetters.com and author of Evolved Enterprise Jim Edwards has done it again! Copywriting Secrets is a must have for anyone who wants to hit the nail on the head with your copywriting. Regardless of skill level, this book will help you to fine tune your copy. From the first page to the last, the book is chock full of great information. With decades of experience, Jim knows what gets people to pull out their wallets and buy. Do yourself a favor, get your copy today. You will be glad you did. Kathleen Gage, Business Strategist, Author, and Speaker, www.PowerUpForProfits.com Wow! No matter where you are in learning copywriting, whether you think you're a pro or you've never written a word to sell anything ever, this book is chock full of juicy tidbits, tips, techniques, and strategies that will help you improve your copy across the board. This is one of those books that will be pulled off my reference shelf every time I sit down to write sales copy when it really matters. Jim Edwards is a master - don't let his humble attitude fool you. Get this book, read every page, do what Jim teaches you, and enjoy the fruits of your labors as your success explodes. Felicia J. Slattery, Best-Selling Author of Kill the Elevator Speech, Co-Creator of Signature Speech Wizard, Speaker, and Business Consultant