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French Tagada Strawberry Haribo Candy
French Tagada Strawberry Haribo Candy
French Tagada Strawberry Haribo Candy

French Tagada Strawberry Haribo Candy

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Galleon Product ID 33694608
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Manufacturer Haribo
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Brand Haribo
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French Tagada Strawberry Haribo Candy Features

  • Soft, chewy strawberry tagada (fraise tagada)

  • Sweet cream flavor that just melts in your mouth!

  • Made by Haribo, the maker of Gummi Bears

  • Gluten free, nut free, lactose free

About French Tagada Strawberry Haribo Candy

French Tagada Strawberry Haribo Candy French Tagada strawberry haribo candy (Fr: Tagada Fraise) is a favorite of every French kid, both big and small. Over a billion of these strawberry flavored marshmallows are eaten each year, making them one of the go-to treats to try. The origin of the Tagada supposedly comes from the clapping sound of horse hooves - ta-ga-da ta-ga-da. While they're great to eat, they also have a place in all kinds of dishes too. The cocktail "Un amour de Tagada" is sophisticated cocktail that can spice up just about any party. "Un amour de Tagada" Soak Time - Overnight Prep Time - 5 mins For Soaking: 700ml/23.6oz quality white vodka 25 French Tagada Strawberry Haribo Candies Serves: 5 For Skewers You'll Need: 10 Toothpicks Crushed Ice 5 Large Nice Strawberries 5 Red Raspberries For the Cocktail You'll Need: 1oz of Vodka Tagada (made the night before) 1oz of strawberry juice (you can make this in the processor or from strawberries mashed through a sieve or colander) Splash of Teisseire Grenadine Syrup 2 tbsp of crushed ice 1oz orange juice Prep the Night Before: Pour about 2oz of vodka into a container; this will prevent spillage when soaking your French Tagada Strawberry Haribo Candy. Cut 25 pieces of Tagada Haribo into halves (if bottle opening is especially small, consider cutting into quarters) and slip into bottle. Close bottle and place in refrigerator overnight for marinating. Prepping Next Day: Fruit Kebobs - Cut 10 strawberry slices (1/5th of an inch each), 2 slices to toothpick longways. Slide Tagada in middle of second toothpick, attach to strawberry toothpick creating a "T" shape, add raspberry to the side of the top Tagada toothpick and you're ready to go! Prepare 5 "T" shaped skewers Cocktail - Fill each glass 2/3 way with 1oz of Vodka Tagada, 1oz strawberry juice, Splash of Teisseire Grenadine Syrup, 2 tbsp crushed ice, 1 oz of orange juice. Now you've got your own "Un amour de Tagada"; serve immediately and enjoy. 120g - 4.2o