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What is the Hebrew Roots Movement: A Response to
What is the Hebrew Roots Movement: A Response to
What is the Hebrew Roots Movement: A Response to

What is the Hebrew Roots Movement: A Response to Common Misconceptions

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Galleon Product ID 29989300
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Author Steve Gustine
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Number Of Pages 44
Publication Date 2013-09-02

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About What Is The Hebrew Roots Movement: A Response To

I came to this new understanding of the Bible about 12 years ago now. I had built a roadside vending trailer to boil seafood down on the Missippi Gulf Coast. You know those good ol’ shrimp, crawfish and crabs? Good ol’ down home Southern cooking! Some of my fondest memories are of my whole church getting together to go to Uncle Chester’s Catfish House. They had a big smorgasbord of shellfish, crustaceans, and catfish, along with other things like frog legs and even octopus. Those were the good ol’ days. Years later, I learned that those things were not even considered by God to be food! I also learned that He even calls some of our favorite traditions an abomination, like eating that Easter Ham dinner after sunrise service. Of course we were told all that stuff in the Old Testament didn’t apply to us, because we were the new Christian Church born at Pentacost, and all those Old Testament rules were only for the Jews. We were told that Jesus came and did it all for us, obeyed all those rules, so now we are free in Christ, so God’s rules don’t apply to us, really never did. That’s what we were taught. Until one day a friend of my sister dropped by as I was dipping another batch of crawfish out of my 500 gallon tank to serve at one of the Christian festivals we were serving at. She walked up to me and told me that God would never bless my life, because I was selling unclean food. Acutally she told me that as far as the Bible goes, it wasn’t even considered food. Well, now I was on a quest to dig in and pull out all those scriptures to prove her wrong. I knew that God’s Law was bondage, I knew it was nailed to the cross. I knew that we Christians are only under the “Law of Christ” now. Just love God and love your neighbor. But as I dug in, the Spirit of God revealed something to me that was hidden for over 30 years of my life. He was now revealing to me for some reason, that all the things I just took for granted, the things my pastors taught me, well, there just were no scriptures to back up any of it. The more I studied the Word, the more I realized that a lot of what I thought I knew, most of what I had been taught, was just the opposite of what I was reading right there in the Bible. I felt like I was living in the Matrix. I started walking in the truth that God was showing me. And over the years, He has revealed more and more to me.