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Cheated On: The Divorce Minister Guide for
Cheated On: The Divorce Minister Guide for

Cheated On: The Divorce Minister Guide for Surviving Infidelity and Keeping Your Faith

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Galleon Product ID 37822848
UPC / ISBN 1732954119
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Author Rev. David Derksen
Number Of Pages 112
Publication Date 2018-11-12

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About Cheated On: The Divorce Minister Guide For

Cheated on? Abused? Abandoned? Divorced? Overwhelmed by religious rules and condemnation about how you are to handle these relationship traumas? This book is for you. Written by a Yale-educated, Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) who survived his first wife's adultery, a divorce, and an ecclesiastical trial to keep his ministerial credentials, Divorce Minister is here to help you navigate the trouble waters of infidelity discovery and keep your faith. Testimonials: "The Christian world is theologically bankrupt in its teachings on divorce, infidelity, abandonment, and abuse. 'Don't divorce, ever, for any reason,' false teachers insist, and so they ensnare the abused and condemn survivors who had the courage to leave their abusers. Divorce Minister adeptly dismantles Christian false teachings on divorce with compassionate, biblical truth. A much-needed voice." - Bridget Jack Jeffries, Weighted Glory (weighted-glory.com/) "Having led divorce recovery groups in churches for many years I appreciate the unique insight and potential for healing DM brings to the victims of adultery. He deftly dissects 'The Shared Responsibility Lie' to provide a path towards healing for faithful spouses. DM's work has helped me personally and made me more effective as a divorce recovery leader. Highly recommended for pastors, lay leaders and men and women struggling with the conflicting messages they receive about adultery." -Loren Haas, lay leader at CrossWalk Community Church, Napa, CA "Divorce Minister has a unique voice in the infidelity discourse -- he's the rare evangelical Christian who actually believes cheating is the sin, not divorce. If you're looking for a theological perspective to leave an abusive relationship, if you seek judgement of wrong-doing, and comfort from victim-blaming, Divorce Minister is your man. This is important work. God bless David Derksen for taking it on." -Tracy Schorn (aka Chump Lady)