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Healing in the Hebrew Months: A Biblical
Healing in the Hebrew Months: A Biblical
Healing in the Hebrew Months: A Biblical

Healing in the Hebrew Months: A Biblical Understanding of Each Season's Emotional Healing

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About Healing In The Hebrew Months: A Biblical

What if you could know what God is doing in each season? Imagine the breakthroughs you’d find if you could synchronize your watch with God’s and copy his day-planner. It doesn’t take a supernatural revelation of his divine will - it’s exactly what’s possible for you when you follow the patterns God already laid out in the Hebrew calendar and explore the emotional themes in each month! After all, Ecclesiastes does say there is a time for every purpose under heaven. Emotional Freedom There are certain areas of emotional healing that are especially open to us during each Hebrew month. While we can pursue a specific healing at any time of the year, there is peace and power in synchronizing with the seasons of what God is doing at that time. The calendar God set up when he was freeing the captive Israelites is the road map for our own journey to freedom. In this book: You’ll gain a biblical foundation of understanding the Hebrew calendar and the overall themes of each month. You’ll begin to watch how these themes play out personally in your own life. You’ll see how the Hebrew months are mentioned throughout scripture and how they speak prophetically of Jesus our Messiah. Tapping Into the The Healing in Each Month As we look at the biblical significance of each month we’ll also highlight the emotional themes and give you a Captive Thought Therapy tapping exercise to use throughout the month. Captive Thought Therapy (CTT) combines elements of TFT & EFT tapping, declarations, and inner healing prayer to help you take your thoughts captive and find greater breakthroughs in emotional and spiritual health. Healing in the Hebrew Months Series This is Book 1 of the Healing in the Hebrew Months series. In part two Seneca of Freedom Flowers will introduce you to the tribes, stones, gates, and constellations associated with each month. And in part three, Del of Healing Frequencies Music will go deep with the letters associated with each month and the ways she has used the frequencies in the Hebrew letters to make music.