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The Castle of Fireflies: Part Three
The Castle of Fireflies: Part Three

The Castle of Fireflies: Part Three (The Great Flood Book 1)

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About The Castle Of Fireflies: Part Three

“An intriguing, carefully built world, populated with engaging characters. And exquisitely illustrated as well.” Jennifer Landels, EditorPulp Literature PressThe Great War has ravaged the antediluvian world. Tola, son of Jorga, is a beater of mosquitoes. Bloodshed and looting are devastating his world. A world in which people became beasts and beast became men. All he wants is to escape into an oasis of peace. Into the world of the people in the mountains. The Mountains of Dreamers. On his journey through the Singing Forest, the light of fireflies illuminates a long-hidden secret. The Metal of Oblivion. The metal, that can become a weapon of deliverance from tyranny. Only one knows the secret of its minting. A secret that decides over life and death of millions of people. The light of fireflies guide the young craftsman Tola into the Valley of Fireflies. Into the valley, where dreams become reality, and where the reality becomes a dream. In the valley where it is not safe to rely on sight or hearing. In the valley where only those survive who learn to listen to the silent heartbeats. Will he find the mysterious blacksmith? Who is the mysterious householder of the castle of fireflies? Find out in the magic world of The Castle of Fireflies.