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The Almond Tree, Aaron's Rod, The Messiah KING of
The Almond Tree, Aaron's Rod, The Messiah KING of
The Almond Tree, Aaron's Rod, The Messiah KING of
The Almond Tree, Aaron's Rod, The Messiah KING of

The Almond Tree, Aaron's Rod, The Messiah KING of Israel

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Galleon Product ID 25872508
UPC / ISBN 194117311X
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Binding: Hardcover
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Author Kimberly K. Ballard
Edition Hard Cover Ed.
Number Of Pages 858
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Publication Date 2015-05-05
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About The Almond Tree, Aaron's Rod, The Messiah KING Of

Product Description This vast collection of Biblical, historical, archaeological, botanical, and scientific insights revealed to the author through much Bible study and research following the Holy Spirit’s leading, illustrated with many lovely photos, are sure to astound you: Secrets of the Almond tree Messiah the Branch Holy Mount Moriah Mount Nebo Red Sea crossing Miracle of the Great Rolling Stone Yad (Hand) of God Noah’s flood Secrets at the Jordan River crossing Secrets of the Split Rock in Horeb Secrets of the Holy Menorah Secrets of the Fig tree Tefillin & God’s heart The Rapture Passover Maror & Charoset Secrets of Yeshua at Jacobs well Shechinah glory cloud Crown of Thorns Jesus Boat Magdala Synagogue & Magdala Stone Yeshua’s miracles Ark of the Covenant Lulav Cedar of Lebanon Rainbows Tiberius Coin The true location of King Solomon’s Holy Temple The true location of the Garden of Eden The lyrics of the New Song of Moses and so much more that will keep you spellbound! Find out why Yeshua was resurrected the third day & why He has been gone for nearly two thousand years! Here's a study sample: The withered fig tree (p. 296) By disobeying God, Adam and Eve essentially rejected God as their KING. All curses came upon them as they turned away from His Holy Spirit that gave them life. They covered their spiritual nakedness with fig leaves from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. So the green fig leaf became the green fig leaf of shame! ... Mark 11:1-22, we see that Yeshua entered Jerusalem riding upon the colt of a donkey.... Immediately after this, Yeshua went to “Bethany.” If you can believe another astonishing detail “Bethany” means “House of Figs!” On the morrow, when Yeshua was hungry, He came upon the fig tree bearing only the green leaves and no fruit, so He spoke the Word and cursed the fig tree because the time of figs was not yet. This is a very significant phrase, as we will see. When Yeshua returns from Heaven and restores all things, the curses of the fig tree of Eden will be cast off like untimely figs and it will no longer be bearing the curse of Eden. So the time of figs to bud and fruit again without the curse will be at hand when Messiah the LORD is about to appear on the earth! Yeshua said that when we see the fig tree bud, the Kingdom of God is nigh at hand! ... ... Remember that God was the Master in His Garden. The fig leaves covered the shame of Adam and Eve after they ate the fruit from this tree. So Yeshua’s fig tree in Bethany was only bearing leaves and no fruit was on it because Adam and Eve symbolically had already eaten the fruit from it! So now Yeshua the LORD made the leaves and tree to wither to its roots, so it would never bear fruit again! Yeshua said, “No man eat fruit of thee hereafter forever!” He was here to remove the curse, once and for all, from them eating the forbidden fruit from the fig tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It is interesting that when Yeshua cursed the fig tree, His disciples heard it.... Follow the intriguing, deep studies leading from one revelation to another until you see the Testimony of the two witnesses unveiled, proving to the world that there is a God in Israel. The author begins on Holy Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, and ends on the real Mount Sinai. There may never be another book like it. From the Author "Let me tell you how I was profoundly and personally impacted by working on this project. There were times when the LORD would show me something, and I was deeply affected & surprised by it. Sometimes I would have to stop writing, put my face in my hands, and weep as I would become so overcome with emotion by the details He revealed to me.  The revelations were so profound that I knew this information was going to change everything! I had to rely solely upon the LORD, trusting in Him alone. It was a humble experience.  I knew that what He revealed to me was exactly what He showed the men walking on the road to Emmaus 2,000 years ago.  I had