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Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for
Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for

Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for Search: Building intelligent applications and perform enterprise searches

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Galleon Product ID 37827775
UPC / ISBN 1789611156
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Binding: Paperback
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Author Devangini Patel
Number Of Pages 124
Publication Date 2018-08-30
Release Date 2018-08-30

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About Hands-On Artificial Intelligence For

Make your searches more responsive and smarter by applying Artificial Intelligence to itKey FeaturesEnter the world of Artificial Intelligence with solid concepts and real-world use casesMake your applications intelligent using AI in your day-to-day apps and become a smart developerDesign and implement artificial intelligence in searchesBook DescriptionWith the emergence of big data and modern technologies, AI has acquired a lot of relevance in many domains. The increase in demand for automation has generated many applications for AI in fields such as robotics, predictive analytics, finance, and more.In this book, you will understand what artificial intelligence is. It explains in detail basic search methods: Depth-First Search (DFS), Breadth-First Search (BFS), and A* Search, which can be used to make intelligent decisions when the initial state, end state, and possible actions are known. Random solutions or greedy solutions can be found for such problems. But these are not optimal in either space or time and efficient approaches in time and space will be explored. We will also understand how to formulate a problem, which involves looking at it and identifying its initial state, goal state, and the actions that are possible in each state. We also need to understand the data structures involved while implementing these search algorithms as they form the basis of search exploration. Finally, we will look into what a heuristic is as this decides the quality of one sub-solution over another and helps you decide which step to take.What you will learnUnderstand the instances where searches can be usedUnderstand the algorithms that can be used to make decisions more intelligentFormulate a problem by specifying its initial state, goal state, and actionsTranslate the concepts of the selected search algorithm into codeCompare how basic search