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A Taste of Naples: Neapolitan Culture, Cuisine, and
A Taste of Naples: Neapolitan Culture, Cuisine, and
A Taste of Naples: Neapolitan Culture, Cuisine, and

A Taste of Naples: Neapolitan Culture, Cuisine, and Cooking (Big City Food Biographies)

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About A Taste Of Naples: Neapolitan Culture, Cuisine, And

Product Description In other places, it might seem trite or cliché to say that love is an essential component of cooking, food, and dining. But in the shadow of a still-fuming Vesuvio, the love of everyday life is palpable in Naples: that passion for life is the spirit that guides Neapolitan cuisine. You can taste it in everything.To truly know Napoli and Neapolitan food, you must not stay within its city limits. The entire region may be called Campania, but it is also: Napoli. The entire region shares similar characteristics, especially in its cuisine, and its surrounding areas also grow so much of what feeds the city, bringing pleasure and sustenance to the table and to life. In this tantalizing tour of the culture and cuisine of Napoli, Marlena Spieler reveals the tastes, sights, and sounds of the city and surrounding area (including its islands) in gorgeous detail. Using her own experiences and conversations with others, both tourists and residents alike, she offers us the rich history of this unique culture and cuisine, telling the story through recipes, history, and traditions, especially the special dishes and celebrations that follow every Neapolitan throughout the year. Open its pages and step into a sensory tour of this unique city. Review A love letter to the history, traditions and culinaria of one of the richest and most complex regions of Italy. -- Stanley Tucci Part travel guide, part cook's memoir, this charming little book delivers a true taste of a quirky, elusive city. -- Barbara Fairchild, writer, educator, and former editor-in-chief of Bon Appetit I trust Marlena completely when it comes to anything to do with delicious, smile inducing foods and food cultures. But when it comes to Campagna, to Naples, to all the vibrant goodness of Southern Italy, she’s my go-to gal. I know it’s best to saddle up (preferably on a water buffalo) and get ready for the gastronomic ride of my life. This book ought to come with bread, to sop up the extra goodness sloshing over the sides. -- Clark Wolf, restaurant consultant, TV/radio personality, columnist, and avid blogger Traipsing through the foodways of Naples with the legendary Marlena Spieler is pure joy. Is there anyone more enthusiastic, more willing to immerse herself in the mystery and magic of such a place? In her writing I can smell the pizza in the wood oven, hear the sauce bubbling like a riot, and taste the melons that have, as she says, 'made a pact with the sun'. Her writing is as juicy as they are, and as satisfying. -- Tia Keenan, author of "The Art of the Cheese Plate" and cheese columnist for The Wall Street Journal Naples and its region in all its vivacità and deliciousness come to life in Marlena Spieler’s fascinating, perceptive, and utterly charming tribute to Campania, a place, a spectacle, a state of mind she has embraced with tenderness and clarity. The result is a warm, learned, and engaging guide to local history, habits, customs, lore, food, and psyche, the most comprehensive by far written in English. Not only is the author a lively storyteller with, it seems, a Neapolitan soul, but also a masterful cook with a virtual native understanding of how to reproduce genuine Italian cooking for the English-speaking reader. This is a loving, knowledgable and rare sort of food book, marvelous to read and a joy to cook from. -- Julia della Croce, Italian food expert, author, and blogger (https://afoodobsessionblog.wordpress.com/) Food writer Spieler passionately extols the food and culinary traditions of Naples. With its looming volcano of Vesuvius, overcrowding, and history of organized crime, the gritty city of Naples is often ignored in favor of touristy Tuscany and Rome. Yet Naples gave the world pizza, marinara sauce, and zeppole, Spieler writes, and she begins with an early history of the city, from the Greeks in the seventh century BCE (who named the city Neapolis, or new city) to Italy’s unification in 1860 under Giuseppe Garibaldi (many of his sold