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How to Pick The Perfect Puppy: With Early Puppy
How to Pick The Perfect Puppy: With Early Puppy
How to Pick The Perfect Puppy: With Early Puppy
How to Pick The Perfect Puppy: With Early Puppy

How to Pick The Perfect Puppy: With Early Puppy Care and Puppy Training (Canine Handbooks)

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Galleon Product ID 39147196
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Author Linda Whitwam
Number Of Pages 224
Publication Date 2015-01-11

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About How To Pick The Perfect Puppy: With Early Puppy

Getting a new puppy is the most wonderful, life-changing experience – it is also a minefield. Soaring prices have led to millions of puppies of all shapes, sizes, breeds & mixes being bred every year. So how do you sort the champs from the chumps & choose a healthy purebred, crossbreed or mixed breed pup with the right temperament & energy levels to fit in with your family & lifestyle? How to Pick the Perfect Puppy is full of insider tips & honest information you won’t find in other dog books. It teaches you how to recognise the tell-tale signs of puppy mills, dishonest websites, puppy brokers, poor breeders & unhealthy puppies This 224-page ‘Pre-Puppy Bible’ gives you step-by-step guidance all the way from deciding to get a puppy right through to choosing your type of dog, then breeder, then what features to look for in an individual puppy - & how to spot when something isn’t quite right. Read: Insider’s Guide to the 25 most Popular Breeds Choosing a Crossbreed or Mixed Breed Utility, Working, Sporting, Herding, Hound, Terrier or Toy background? It Makes a Difference to Energy Levels, Drive & How Your Pup Reacts to the World Suitable Dogs for Allergy Sufferers Health Issues with Various Breeds How to Recognise a Good Breeder – & the Questions to Ask How to Spot an Unhealthy Puppy How to Pick a Pup with the Right Temperament & Energy Levels for You Puppy-Proofing Your Home Puppy Checklist Once home, the book covers: The First Few Days & Nights Understanding & Bonding with Your Puppy Housetraining, Crate Training & Basic Obedience Exercise – How Much & How Often Feeding Options & Schedules Spaying & Neutering Getting a Rescue Dog Ten Signs of a Healthy Puppy Four Vital Signs of Illness Pick THE PUPPY THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU & look forward to a decade or more of happiness with Man’s – & Woman’s – Best Friend. REVIEWS FOR HOW TO PICK THE PERFECT PUPPY "If you are thinking of getting a puppy this is the book to buy. There would be a lot fewer disappointed owners, badly behaved dogs, & unwanted dogs if prospective owners had a read of this first. All the info to make the right decisions & enjoy dog ownership. Highly recommended," MRS C. PARKER, DORSET, UK ”What a great book - essential if you are thinking about getting a puppy. Plenty of advice on different breeds & their individual characteristics, with what to watch out for,” S. BAKER, WEST MIDLANDS, UK ”I have owned dogs as pets all my life & I learned a lot from this book. I have a 14-year-old dog now who has had separation anxiety issues & I wish I had this book when she was young. It will, unfortunately, not be long until she is no longer with us (still healthy, but showing her age) & I will definitely rely on this book when it is time to bring a new puppy into the house. I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking about choosing a family pet," N CLARK, USA ”I bought this book for my son who is considering buying a puppy. I made the mistake of flicking through it before I gave it to him. I just couldn't put it down. Linda Whitwam writes in the most down-to-earth, readable fashion & the book is packed full of really useful information. She outlines the pros & cons of all the most common breeds & even the crossbreeds & mixed breeds & when you've decided upon your puppy there's loads of advice on how to look after & train it," Mrs S. E. KAYE, YORKSHIRE, UK