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XunLiu 304 Stainless Steel Wire Thread Insert
XunLiu 304 Stainless Steel Wire Thread Insert

XunLiu 304 Stainless Steel Wire Thread Insert HeliCoil Stripped Thread Rethread Repair M2 M2.5 M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12 M14 M16 (20, 5/16〞-18UNC-1.5D)

Product ID : 43689308

Galleon Product ID 43689308
UPC / ISBN 631105244961
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Manufacturer XunLiu
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XunLiu 304 Stainless Steel Wire Thread Insert Features

  • Increase connection strength: Can be used for soft and low strength alloy materials such as aluminum and magnesium, wood, plastic, rubber and other easily deformed low strength materials, to avoid the phenomenon of slipping, stripping, wrong teeth, etc.

  • Increase the force surface: can be used to require a strong connection and can not increase the diameter of the screw hole in the thin body parts.

  • Improve the connection conditions: can be used for ceramic, bakelite, glass and other hard brittle materials connected fastening. effectively prevent fragmentation.

  • Abrasion resistance: It can be used to disassemble and install the parts frequently and to prolong the service life of the screw holes which often rotate.

  • M ?(ISO international standard inner diameter) - ??(pitch:mm) X ?? D(times the diameter).EXAMPLE:M8-1.25 X 2.5D means 8mm inner diameter,1.25mm pitch,2.5X8=20mm length.

About XunLiu 304 Stainless Steel Wire Thread Insert

Threaded braces, can be screwed into the metal or non-metallic thread holes in order to form high-strength, wear-resistant, high temperature, seismic, impact resistance, corrosion resistance of the standard internal thread, and can disperse stress, protect the matrix thread, can improve the performance of the screw hole, prolong the service life. [diameter]-[Number of teeth per inch] UNC[Universal Naming Conversion]/UNF[unified national fine]-length