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One Live Exotic Lithops Karasmontana V
One Live Exotic Lithops Karasmontana V
One Live Exotic Lithops Karasmontana V
One Live Exotic Lithops Karasmontana V
One Live Exotic Lithops Karasmontana V

One Live Exotic Lithops Karasmontana V Mickbergensis VAR Red Top 1-2 Years Old Living Stone Seedling Rare Succulent Lithops Collector Item

Product ID : 41937946

Galleon Product ID 41937946
UPC / ISBN 712760341384
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One Live Exotic Lithops Karasmontana V Features

  • Rare live exotic Karasmontana V Mickbergensis var Red Top, 1 - 2 Year Old Seedling. Diameter: 0.3-0.5 Inch, Height: 1-1.5 Inches (From crown to the root)

  • First Picture - Before Shedding - Second Picture - After Shedding. The color for this plant ranges from Brownish Red to Bright Red, please see product pictures. All plants are different so as their color. In order to maintain the vibrant color, please make sure there is adequate sunlight. This is a must have plant for Succulent / Lithops collector.

  • Please check the PLANT SIZE, Approximately size of Dime. Our plants are shipped bare root (without soil), individually wrapped.

  • Growing Lithops is harder and requires more attention than other succulent and cactus plants. Depending on the Lithop growing season, sometimes lithops will begin to naturally split, crack etc. Lithops can have scars on their sides and on top, this is natural and doesn't mean your lithop is dying. Lithops split. Any scarring is not permanent and will be shedded when they split! This is a natural process with Lithops. Sometimes they just die. No reason, it just happens.

  • If you need to see that actual item before purchasing, please message me or if you have any questions or concerns. Fast shipping via USPS First Class with tracking number.

About One Live Exotic Lithops Karasmontana V

This listing feature limited Live Rare ♥Lithops Karasmontana V Mickbergensis var Red Top♥ - A serious lithops/succulent collector’s must have item. Lithops are in the Mesembryanthemaceae family origin is South Africa. They are succulents that store water in their fleshy leaves but are not related to cacti. The top of the leaves are window-like in order to allow light to enter the body of the plant. Flower color varies from white to yellow. This particular specie has bright red windows on top. Specifications: Qty: 1 Live Lithops Plant (Karasmontana V Mickbergensis var Red Top) Plant Size:1 - 2 Year Old SeedlingDiameter: 0.3-0.5 InchHeight: 1-1.75 Inches (From crown to the root) Color: Brownish Red to Bright Red Lithops plant will ship Bare Root (Unpotted) Watering:Keep plants barely moist! Overwatering is the most common problem people have with Living Stones. During the cold winter months, watering should be light and infrequent once again, until such as time as the days grow longer and the temperature begins to warm a bit. Generally, Lithops will do best being watered about once every 2-3 weeks (when not in active growth or flowering). Tap water or distilled water is fine. Light: Lithops requires full to very bright sun (either direct or indirect). It can take full strength sun, but be mindful of sun burning the leaves. After repotting the plant, please allow 5-7 days for plant acclimate to changes in light quality. A window facing West, South or East should do nicely. Soil:Use a quick draining soil mix (a packaged soil mix for cactus and succulents should have sand added at the rate of about 60% soil mix to 40% sand by volume). Another good mix would be 40% peat moss and 60% perlite to allow even faster drainage


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