Elite Resin D - Gallon
Elite Resin D - Gallon

Elite Resin D - Gallon

Product ID : 47544793

Galleon Product ID 47544793
Shipping Weight 10.35 lbs
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Model EN41010
Manufacturer Elite Garden Wholesale
Shipping Dimension 10.51 x 5.51 x 5.31 inches
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Elite Resin D - Gallon Features

  • Cost effective: extra-concentrated formula allows a little product to go a long way

  • Easy to use: simple 5-product lineup covers all your needs

  • Optimally balanced: nutrients are in their most plant-friendly form and are balanced to maintain an optimal ph, resulting in faster, maximized uptake and quicker absorption

  • Long lasting: superior product stability means longer shelf life

  • All natural: free of hormones, perfumes, dyes, and growth regulators, including paclobutrazol and daminozide

About Elite Resin D - Gallon

Elite resin D (1-3-14) provides the vital nutrients necessary in the later & final stages of growth & promotes the development of rich, full flowers. How it works: specifically engineered to meet the heavy feeding needs of flowering plants, Elite resin D provides the vital ratio of phosphorous & potassium to support both photosynthesis & the natural shift from vegetation to bloom. Resin D should be used at the onset of flowering, when the first buds are beginning to form. Resin D will increase the concentration of essential oils, as well as increasing the plant's ability to uptake & maintain adequate levels of potassium & phosphorous. This encourages water to go while oil stays, leading to more weight & potency. When used properly in combination with the full Elite nutrient regimen, both novice & experienced Growers should recognize superior performance & outstanding results. Instructions: use 3 ml-8 ml of solution per gallon of water during the bloom cycle (see feed Chart for further details). derived from: urea, dipotassium Phosphate, monopotassium Phosphate, caustic potash.