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Pivit Crush-Resistant Oxygen Tubing 50 ft Green
Pivit Crush-Resistant Oxygen Tubing 50 ft Green
Pivit Crush-Resistant Oxygen Tubing 50 ft Green
Pivit Crush-Resistant Oxygen Tubing 50 ft Green
Pivit Crush-Resistant Oxygen Tubing 50 ft Green
Pivit Crush-Resistant Oxygen Tubing 50 ft Green
Pivit Crush-Resistant Oxygen Tubing 50 ft Green

Pivit Crush-Resistant Oxygen Tubing 50 ft Green | 6-Channel | Green is Easy to See for Safety | Universal Fittings Connect Fast & Easy Ensures Most Optimal Flow

Product ID : 33752791
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Galleon Product ID 33752791
UPC / ISBN 603051185537
Shipping Weight 0.45 lbs
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Manufacturer Pivit
Shipping Dimension 8.19 x 7.01 x 2.2 inches
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Brand Pivit
Color Green
Department Unisex-adult
Package Quantity 1
Size 50 Ft
UPC 603051185537
Product is Out of Stock as of Aug, 25 2020
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Pivit Crush-Resistant Oxygen Tubing 50 ft Green Features

  • CRUSH-RESISTANT DESIGN PROVIDES MAXIMUM OXYGEN FLOW - Superior safety is ensured by the crush-resistant design of the internal walls of the tubing. The 6 channel design includes an inner lumen in order to help resist kinking and provide a solution to accidental obstruction occurring during oxygen therapy. This tubing stops kinking and obstructions which can reduce or eliminate the flow of oxygen getting to the patient and seriously deplete the intended benefits of oxygen therapy.

  • MEMORY RESISTANT TUBING - This tubing is made to eliminate memory retention in order to ensure the optimal patient experience with their oxygen therapy. Tubing which maintains coil memory can easily cause obstructions to the oxygen movement and patient. It can pull cannulas out, cause the user and others to trip on the tubing, restrict the movement of the patient, and reduce the comfort afforded to the patient. The Pivit tubing is made to provide relief from all of these common issues.

  • ENHANCED VISIBILITY REDUCES PATIENT HARM - Green tubing has been shown to consistently reduce instances of falling due to tripping on tubing. Transparent tubing can be hard to detect and cause accidental harm. The green color contrasts with the surrounding area, ensuring visibility to assist in patient and caregiver safety.

  • EASILY CONNECTS TO OXYGEN SOURCE - Made to allow for the oxygen source to be placed further away from the patient without reducing oxygen flow. The tubing features a standard connector on each end which makes it conveniently and easily used with most major brands such as SeQual, Inogen, Respironics, Invacare, Puritan Bennett, DeVilbiss, and many more.

  • MADE FOR STANDARD AND HIGH-FLOW APPLICATIONS - Can be used in any standard oxygen supply system as well as many high-flow applications. High-flow oxygen treatments can deliver substantial amounts of oxygen per minute via a nasal cannula or tracheal adapter. This allows for some patients to avoid invasive oxygen ventilation.

About Pivit Crush-Resistant Oxygen Tubing 50 Ft Green

✅ Pivit 50' green oxygen tubing is made to ensure comfortable and unrestricted oxygen treatment The Pivit green oxygen tubing is made with 6 individual channels and a central lumen which ensures safe oxygen therapy with unrestricted flow. This tubing is great for usage while sleeping because you don't have to worry about restricting your oxygen flow when laying down. It is also made to reduce obstructions, prevent tripping, and prevent tubing from catching on corners.   ✅ No More Tripping or Yanking Make sure that you can see your oxygen tubing to ensure that no one trips and falls on it, or accidentally catches it on something or pulls it away. Our tubing features a bold, green color which is known to lessen the possibility of accidental falls associates with oxygen tubing. Most people use standard clear tubing, which is easy for those with eyesight that is not optimal to miss. While transparent tubing blends in with the area it is placed in, the green distinction is usually apparent to anyone who may trip, drastically reducing this from happening.  ✅ Use with almost Any Brand Of Oxygen Supply Machines Including: SeQual Inogen Respironics Invacare Puritan Bennet DeVilbiss And many more   ✅ Why Use Our Green Tubing? Prevent tubes from being pulled on due to tripping and catching so that your tubing stays secure for the duration of your oxygen therapy. When flow is interrupted, you can lose important oxygen leading to conditions like hypoxia and hypoxemia. Features include Crush-resistance Memory-resistance Kinking-resistance Enhanced visibility Versatile universal compatability Standard or high flow