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LECTIN FREE COOKBOOK #2019: 111+ Delicious
LECTIN FREE COOKBOOK #2019: 111+ Delicious

LECTIN FREE COOKBOOK #2019: 111+ Delicious Recipes to Help You Lose Weight, Heal Your Gut, and Live Lectin- Free

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About LECTIN FREE COOKBOOK #2019: 111+ Delicious

The importance of proper cooking nowhere as poignant as it is when it comes to cooking with foods that contain lectin. Cooking methods which use moist heat as the most useful when it comes to getting rid of as many lectins as possible before the food is consumed. High temperatures break down starch and simpler carbohydrates. This is great, because lectins attach themselves to carbs, and in a healthy body, would remove themselves along with the carbs as long as they can be digested. But when high moist temperatures break down the carbs, they also break down most of the lectins, which now have nothing to hold on to. Although some people believe that cooking lentils for a long period of time will destroy the lectin protein’s chain, this is not true. Lectin doesn’t care how long you cook your food, as long as you cook it at very high temperatures. This is the only way to get rid of this protein and aid your digestion. It is also the reason why slow cookers are not at all recommended for those who have a problem with lectin, because pressure cooker cook food for long periods of time but at low temperatures, meaning that they do nothing to alter the chemical structure of lectin.The best ways to drastically decrease the amount of lectins in certain foods is as follows:Boiling method at very high temperaturesFermenting food, so that the lectins protein becomes weaker and is easily digestedPeeling, to remove the areas of the plant where the lectins are most likely to collect (such as the seedsPressure cooking (aka the Instant Pot), because the pressure cooker prepares food in short time intervals at very high temperatures, making it the perfect companion for a lectin-free diet


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