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Tracking Your Journey To Healing Using
Tracking Your Journey To Healing Using
Tracking Your Journey To Healing Using

Tracking Your Journey To Healing Using Microcurrents: Frequencies Can Heal Guided Journal

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Galleon Product ID 45749524
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About Tracking Your Journey To Healing Using

When starting on a healing journey, it's very helpful to be able to track where you started, and how you are doing weeks or months later. This book is set up for using frequencies or microcurrent programs, but could also be adapted for other methods of healing. Whether you are inputting frequencies individually with Rife, Hulda Clark Zappers, Spooky2 programs, or using the Healy microcurrent apps, this can aid you in keeping track of what is occurring during your healing. Some programs or frequencies may benefit you more than others, or it may be that your body is accepting them as it needs them, and then other times will be more receptive to others. You may find a pattern developing, and this will enable you to see that. Sleep patterns, eating habits, pain, symptoms, method used such as wristband, electrodes, etc. You can track all of that here. The book is soft paperback with a glossy cover, 128 pages In this book you will find: Vision Board Health Now And Later Page Daily Tracking Pages (Sleep, diet, affirmations, pain level, mood, water tracker, table for frequency usage, method used, and a Notes section) 7 Coloring Pages located in the back (Mandala, regular and Zentangle styles) to color while running programs or frequencies to help relax your mind, body and soul. *** PLEASE NOTE: Use GEL pens or colored pencils to color with, markers will bleed through. *** This is a great gift for anyone trying to better their health, especially using alternative methods such as frequencies with a generator, software program or app. Even has a section on the tracking page for food habits, which may help figure out food allergies down the road if they make note in the notes section what is going on when eating a specific food. Keep an eye out for the expanded edition that will allow more space for notes and more detailed, prompted areas, and coloring pages. This edition is for those that want something more simple, but detailed all on one page.