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Your Cannabis CBD:THC Ratio: A Guide to Precision
Your Cannabis CBD:THC Ratio: A Guide to Precision
Your Cannabis CBD:THC Ratio: A Guide to Precision

Your Cannabis CBD:THC Ratio: A Guide to Precision Dosing for Health and Wellness

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About Your Cannabis CBD:THC Ratio: A Guide To Precision

Product Description The author of the game-changing Cannabis Health Index returns with a book designed specifically for general readers who want to understand how THC and CBD can benefit them. While CBD is the new buzzword for health and wellness, many researchers and practitioners believe that the symbiotic relationship between THC and CBD, known as the entourage effect, allows for greater therapeutic benefits for patients. Unfortunately, when it comes to optimizing that ratio to a particular health condition, it is often a process of trial and error for medical patients. Your Cannabis CBD:THC Ratio provides detailed information on how to find the best ratios of CBD:THC and covers the preferred ratios of these two primary cannabinoids for ten prevalent medical conditions —including cancer, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and many others. Blesching’s unique chemotype-based system takes into account CBD:THC ratios, the various forms of cannabis medicine available to consumers, and the subjective therapeutic dosages, presenting a complete evidence-based methodology. -- Uwe Blesching, PH.D. Review “Uwe Blesching is one of our new wisdom carriers, bringing modern science to Mother Nature’s ancient gift, teaching us how to get the very best from our cannabis consumption. When I have a question about the biochemistry of cannabis and don’t know the answer, I call Uwe first.” —Steve DeAngelo, Co-Founder of Harborside and author of The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness “An excellent current review of cannabis therapeutics from an expert perspective.” —Michael Backes, author of Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana “Over the last 30 years, millions of people have used cannabis to alleviate symptoms and to heal. However, patients have had to guess and experiment to find the most efficacious ratios of the different cannabinoids. Uwe Blesching provides information on how to use cannabis in ways that help the most, empowering patients to heal themselves with this safe and gentle herb.” —Ed Rosenthal, cannabis author and researcher “Gives people the understanding of cannabinoid ratios to use on their journey to health―this is a gift that all deserve.” —Kimberly Cargile, CEO, A Therapeutic Alternative “An indispensable book for any clinician working with cannabis patients. Dr. Blesching demystifies psychoactivity by anchoring the mind-body connection firmly in science. Dr. Blesching does a masterful job of explaining the effects of various cannabis treatments in scientific terms health care professionals can relate too, and therefore relate back to their patients.” —Martha Montemayor, Director, Cannabis Clinicians Colorado; Producer, Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference “What Uwe has done is show the promise of cannabinoid treatments for various diseases based upon a combination of pre-clinical, clinical (where available), and anecdotal evidence that offer the reader guidelines as a starting point when seeking self-treatment, and when opening dialogue with a medical provider. I especially applaud the emphasis on the importance of THC and other cannabinoids dispelling the myth of CBD being the ‘medical’ part of the plant. An excellent reference addition for your bookshelf!” —Mara Gordon, Co-Founder of Aunt Zelda’s and Zelira Therapeutics “Once again, Blesching has hit the nail on the head. The guide that everyone has been waiting for.” —Michael Green, Cannabis Libris About the Author Uwe Blesching is a medical journalist and regular contributor to the cannabinoid health sciences, mind-body medicine, phytopharmacology, as well as evidence-based illness prevention and treatment protocols. In addition to his lifelong passion for integrative medicine, he holds an MA in psychology and a PhD in higher education and social change from the Western Institute for Social Research. His other books are The Cannabis Health Index and Breaking the Cycle of Opioid Addiction: Supplement You