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The Baccarat Trend Spotting and Betting System
The Baccarat Trend Spotting and Betting System

The Baccarat Trend Spotting and Betting System Book: The book that shows you how to profit from Baccarat Shoe Trends

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Galleon Product ID 31858069
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Author Stephen R. Tabone
Edition 1
Number Of Pages 48
Publication Date 2018-03-26
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About The Baccarat Trend Spotting And Betting System

This Baccarat Trend Spotting and Betting System book by Bestselling Baccarat professional, Stephen R. Tabone highlights the main trends any Baccarat bettor should be aware of. Once you’re able to identify the main trends you can begin to learn how to predict what betting method to use on certain shoe trends that this book teaches. How to trend spot is clearly explained and then how to bet on the best trends is also covered in full. As well as explaining how the main system works from spotting trends to betting on them, this compact book is packed with money management advice to protect your bankroll. It also includes a special exploration on flat betting verses the Author’s own progression strategies.This book is a must have addition to your casino betting system book collection. Once you’ve learnt about the trends that form out of Banker and Player outcomes, you’ll be able to identify those subtle patterns that form trends and improve your net unit wins just like a Baccarat PRO! A successful bettor looks for ‘signals’ that inform him out of the patterns of the game he is playing. These are ‘clues’ as to the likelihood that something might occur. Making calculated judgments as opposed to not, is what distinguishes the professional gambler from the causal bettor. The latter relies upon luck, whereas the former seeks certainly in the signals he recognizes; signals that have been proven to come good. You cannot measure luck from Shoe to Shoe, but to a large degree you can measure the probability of what kind of Shoe Trend is forming as you study the patterns that the Banker and Player outcomes form. Learn how to see what only professional Baccarat bettors see and you step out of the luck factor into the skill factor. In this book I show you how you can identify the four main Shoe Trends that will set you apart from the causal Baccarat player. I will address the problems most Baccarat players face and will write how you can turn confusion into order to better profit ove