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The Baccarat Two-Sided Strategy (BTSS): A Powerful
The Baccarat Two-Sided Strategy (BTSS): A Powerful
The Baccarat Two-Sided Strategy (BTSS): A Powerful

The Baccarat Two-Sided Strategy (BTSS): A Powerful Baccarat Strategy

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About The Baccarat Two-Sided Strategy (BTSS): A Powerful

The Baccarat Two-Sided Strategy (BTSS) is one of the safest ways to wager real money in the game of Baccarat. This strategy will protect your bankroll using hedging tactics whilst still making it possible to gain an edge over the disordered nature of Banker and Player outcomes, so you can stand a good chance of leaving a Shoe with your bankroll in a winning state. This strategy is hedge-based which means up until the point when one of the Sides is no longer bet on, the dual power of betting on Two-Sides will not expose your bankroll to risk of loss. You might ask how it is still possible to win when betting on both Sides. It is possible, and, in this book, I will show you how and explain why the strategy works. Moreover, profits can be extended, and I cover how in the Tweaks chapter. Not only have I tested, retested and tweaked BTSS to its optimum in-game play, I, and my assistants have tried it out in bricks and mortar casinos with good results. After developing this strategy, when we first tested it out in a brick and mortar casino in London, England, a Baccarat player raised an eyebrow as he saw how many chips we stacked up Shoe after Shoe. He had no clue how this was possible. The dealer and his jaw dropping supervisor knew we were playing a strategy but did not know the rules of it. When we were losing on some Shoes he was amazed at how we could recover and on many of the Shoes, go back into profit thus proving the power of the strategy. It feels like plain sailing when you are winning with ease and they cannot work out how. Can a strategy that bets on both Sides in the same Shoe really work? Surely wagering on the Two Sides ensures failure. Well let’s put it this way. When you start to bet in a new Baccarat Shoe, the first few outcomes, there are few outwardly signs to suggest any dominance between the Bank Side and Player Side. In most Shoes, on average, both seem to be neck and neck. Yet one Side, within its inanimate objective, through the combination of the shuffled and cut cards, will at some stage during a Shoe surge ahead of the other Side.If I were to ask you to say which Side will dominate a Shoe you really could not say other than looking for subtle signs that for the most part are signs that are in flux. By the time you might have hit upon what you might believe to be a solid sign you have lost your chance to profit from it since the trend would have faded or will begin to. Baccarat is all smoke and mirrors, the game seems simple, yet gamblers find it difficult to secure long term profits and their decisions as to what Side to bet on turns out to be a complex process. In this book, I show you how to avoid the ‘dance of the Sides’ that get you guessing so that you can bet in a sophisticated rule-based manner to make gains and make those gains from both Sides. I have done all the hard work of observing the behaviour of the Two Sides; the Banker Side and the Player Side. I have analysed many hundreds of Shoe results, patterns and trends and many thousands of Banker and Player outcomes. I am a casino games professional pattern player and outcomes systemiser. I work on what makes games tick and investigate how outcomes form so bettors can profit from the weaknesses I discover in the way Baccarat Shoe outcomes playout in the forming of patterns and trends. I also consider betting structures in relation to casino odds and wagering tactics that bettors are able make. As an example of my work, I wrote the bestselling Baccarat book title, The Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy 3.0 The strategy in that book stands as one of the best Baccarat strategies in the world. Moreover, it is very useful for high rollers.