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The Neural Strategy: A Remarkable Proven Way to Win
The Neural Strategy: A Remarkable Proven Way to Win

The Neural Strategy: A Remarkable Proven Way to Win at Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Baccarat

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About The Neural Strategy: A Remarkable Proven Way To Win

The Secret of "Pattern Selection" Can Make You Rich!Casino games are probably one of the least studied and most written about money making strategies in the modern world.There have been a number of books written on casino games, but with the possible exception of blackjack, most of the authors apply little, if any of the scientific approach to the games.The authors will invariably take one of two approaches to discussing such casino table games as craps, roulette and baccarat. For approach one, they will discuss the rules of how to play the game, and then dismiss the possibility of winning because of the casino edge over the player. For approach two, they will present a recommended playing strategy without any evidence whatsoever that it works.The powerful Neural Strategy has been called the 'best method ever created to beat the casinos.' Once you learn it you will be able to develop an unending stream of consistent winnings you can count on. And, because of its unique approach to winning, there's not a thing the casinos can do about it!The Neural Strategy is an extraordinary way of making money off the casinos. This explosive method of winning actually breaks down the house edge in casino table games. When you use this amazing strategy, money just flows your way!