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Stockwin's Maritime Miscellany: A Ditty Bag of
Stockwin's Maritime Miscellany: A Ditty Bag of
Stockwin's Maritime Miscellany: A Ditty Bag of

Stockwin's Maritime Miscellany: A Ditty Bag of Wonders from the Golden Age of Sail

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Galleon Product ID 14917196
UPC / ISBN 0091930669
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Binding: Hardcover
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Manufacturer Ebury Press
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About Stockwin's Maritime Miscellany: A Ditty Bag Of

Product Description Charmingly illustrated with nostalgic black and white line drawings, both old salts and nautical novices will delight in this entertaining and eclectic miscellany   Featuring nautical facts and feats, including superstitions at sea, the history of animals on the waves—until 1975 when all animals were banned from Royal Navy ships—and how the inventor of the umbrella helped man the British Navy, this book is packed with informative sea lore. Focusing on the glory days of tall ships, Julian Stockwin explores marine myths and unearths the truth behind commonly held beliefs about the sea, such as whether Lord Nelson's body was really pickled in rum to transport it back to England after his death at Trafalgar. Interspersed throughout are salty sayings showing the modern words and phrases that originate from the mariners of old—"cut of his jib," "high and dry," "the coast is clear," "first rate," and "slush fund." Also included is Stockwin's Top 25 list of maritime museums and historic ships around the world for anyone who wishes to explore further. Ranging from the heroic voyages of discovery in the 15th century through the iconic Napoleon wars to the glorious era of clipper ships, this miscellany celebrates and explores a colorful world we will never see again. Review    • "In Stockwin's hands the sea story will continue to entrance readers across the world." -- Guardian About the Author Julian Stockwin is a former member of the Australian Royal Navy and the author of the Thomas Kydd series, which includes Invasion and The Privateer's Revenge.