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EvOLv: A pSyCHeDeLiC aDveNTuRE
EvOLv: A pSyCHeDeLiC aDveNTuRE

EvOLv: A pSyCHeDeLiC aDveNTuRE

Product ID : 11020716

Galleon Product ID 11020716
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Author Ryan Sequeira
Edition 1
Format Kindle EBook
Number Of Pages 193
Publication Date 2016-06-07
Release Date 2016-06-07
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About EvOLv: A PSyCHeDeLiC ADveNTuRE

EL leaves his mundane life in search of the ultimate truth, where the kid is introduces to mantras, yantras, tantra and sacred herbs. Meanwhile, a group of elite scientists have discovered how humans are being systematically dumbed down and manipulated to think only about hoarding material possessions and their desires. As their fates confluence in an explosion of epic proportions, these individuals might just be decoding pre-Vedic secrets and a Tantric text that might help evolve humanity into the next cycle of beings. Unable to make it in the Kali Yuga, Lord Krishna encrypts codes so that the humans can evoke one of the most ancient Gods.EVOLV, the first psycho-spiritual novel that uncovers complexities of the mind and decrypts complex Vedic codes that will distort your perception of reality and teleport you into a thrilling psychedelic adventure that will resonate with you throughout your existence.