Byjogger Scientific Calculators, 12-Digit
Byjogger Scientific Calculators, 12-Digit

Byjogger Scientific Calculators, 12-Digit Calculator with Writing Tablet, Foldable Financial Calculator, LCD Display Calculators for High School, College, Office

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Galleon Product ID 47908259
Shipping Weight 0.33 lbs
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Model 2022
Manufacturer Byjogger
Shipping Dimension 6.5 x 3.31 x 0.67 inches
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Byjogger Scientific Calculators, 12-Digit Features

  • MULTI-FUNCTION SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR: Combination of basic calculator and writeboard, Touch pen fixed on one side of the board, calculate and record at any time, effectively improve learning and work efficiency, clear 12-digit display for easy calculation.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT PORTABLE: The flip design of the pocket calculator can protect the mechanical calculator keyboard and whiteboard well, is easy to carry and quick to pull out when needed for immediate use, handy for taking quick notes, calls, and meeting minutes

  • DOUBLE-LINE DISPLAY: Double-line display screen design, the first line shows the calculation process, the second line shows the calculation result. Press the clear key to erase the LCD notes and protect personal privacy. Special one-key lock function can prevent important information from accidentally being deleted.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Scientific calculators use blue matte LCD screen to protect the eyes, the writeboard text can also be read clearly in the sun. Paperless environmental protection, repeatable writing. Press the clear key to erase the LCD notes and protect personal privacy

  • QUIET DESIGN: The calculators keyboard is made of high-quality silicone material, finger feels more comfortable, no noise in the keystroke process, suitable for office work business, accounting calculations, student computing study, and various use scenarios

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