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Cro-nel CMDs12p0lf250DP Medium Duty Dispenser
Cro-nel CMDs12p0lf250DP Medium Duty Dispenser

Cro-nel CMDs12p0lf250DP Medium Duty Dispenser Pack Protective Packaging, 60lb Kraft Paper Laminated to 1/16" Microfoam with Cohesive on the Foam, Cold Seal, Self Stick, 12" Wide Roll at 250 Feet Long and 3" Core

Product ID : 16634904

Galleon Product ID 16634904
Shipping Weight 8.9 lbs
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Model CMDs12p0lf250DP
Manufacturer Cro-nel
Shipping Dimension 17.6 x 17.09 x 12.8 inches
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Product is Out of Stock as of Feb, 27 2020
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Cro-nel CMDs12p0lf250DP Medium Duty Dispenser Features

  • Provides a paper outer skin of protection that is tear and puncture resistant (along with being tamper-evident) with foam cushioning to protect the product being packaged

  • Cold Seal, self sealing technology adheres to itself and not the product being packaged and leaves no residue; instantly seals by the use of pressure, not heat

  • Cohesive glue applied on the foam directly, raising the already high coefficient of friction

  • Allows custom-sized packages to be made on-the-fly instead of having multiple set sizes and SKUs and can be used as a mailer

  • Anti-static

About Cro-nel CMDs12p0lf250DP Medium Duty Dispenser

Cro-nel, the original cohesive protective packaging wrap, insures the integrity of your products both in-house and in-transit by providing a strong, lightweight package that is abrasion and moisture resistant. The Cold-Seal, self-sealing technology of Cro-nel adheres to itself and not your product. It provides a tough, tear and puncture resistant outer shell of paper to create an airtight package with self-mailing capabilities. Cushioning is provided by the high cling, low slip, and anti-static characteristics of Microfoam and gently molds to the product alleviating surface abrasion while leaving no residue on your products as adhesives frequently do. Even after repeated impacts, Microfoam continues to perform as an effective cushioning material due to its closed cell foam structure.Completely encasing your product, Cro-nel acts as a protective shell that moves with your product, forcing rub to the exterior outer shell of our laminated protective wrap and virtually eliminating surface damage. The completely airtight enclosure also protects from dirt, grease, and moisture. By gently locking your product in place, Cro-nel reduces movement during shipping or handling, eliminates surface damage, and provides critical corner protection.Instantly sealing by the use of pressure, not heat, Cro-nel eliminates the need for additional fasteners such as tape or staples. Cro-nel also creates a secure, tamper-evident pack with self-mailing capacities similar to a padded mailer envelope.


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