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Triax Full Synthetic OEM Universal Power Steering
Triax Full Synthetic OEM Universal Power Steering
Triax Full Synthetic OEM Universal Power Steering
Triax Full Synthetic OEM Universal Power Steering

Triax Full Synthetic OEM Universal Power Steering Fluid | Arctic Grade - 50 Cold Flow | Fits Most Asian, US and European Cars | Full Synthetic with Esters - Widest Spec Application (1 Quart (946 ml))

Product ID : 42121667

Galleon Product ID 42121667
Shipping Weight 1.88 lbs
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Manufacturer Triax
Shipping Dimension 10.98 x 6.26 x 2.95 inches
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Triax Full Synthetic OEM Universal Power Steering Features

  • Meets or exceeds the specifications requirements for most European, Asian, and US vehicles power steering / servo hydraulic steering systems in modern vehicles

  • Widest spec range on the market; compatible with all types of seals materials in virtually all power steering systems; universal top off and complete fill formula; the green color mixes with any color power steering fluid

  • Extremely high viscosity index assures superior control in both exceedingly hot and very cold climates (-50F); smooth and easy turning; no vibration; eliminates shudder; excellent control; will not lose viscosity or thicken

  • Exceptional oxidation stability assures the fluid will not thicken or foul up with time; very high heat tolerances without losing viscosity and properties; contains high-quality elastomers and seal conditioners to maintain seal integrity for at least 150,000 miles

  • Full synthetic with no mineral oil; contains top tier custom built optimized additive pack; stable viscometrics; protects all metals including servo/power steering pumps from corrosion and rust; ultra-rapid aeration and water separation

About Triax Full Synthetic OEM Universal Power Steering

Triax synthetic OEM power steering fluid is a universal, ultra-high-performance fluid designed to meet a wide range of automotive power steering system requirements. Our unique, custom-built formula is designed to surpass OEM requirements for high-performance hydraulic power steering pumps and servos. It is also made for power steering response and protection. This product is blended with top tier, full synthetic, high-grade base oils and contains a customized additive system to guarantee compliance with a large spectrum of automotive steering systems offering exceptional low-temperature fluidity, outstanding power steering response, and complete protection for all seals/gaskets made from either synthetic or natural materials. It is designed to service complete fill as well as to top off the fluid. It can be mixed with almost any existing fluid in the power steering systems without damaging it or degrading performance.