Vertx Men's Tactical Pants Cargo with Pockets
Vertx Men's Tactical Pants Cargo with Pockets

Vertx Men's Tactical Pants Cargo with Pockets Relaxed-Fit Outdoor Performance Quick Dry, Fusion Stretch, OD Green, 34x36

Product ID : 42115623
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Galleon Product ID 42115623
UPC / ISBN 460399418549
Shipping Weight 1.56 lbs
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Model F1 VTX1205
Manufacturer Vertx
Shipping Dimension 12.4 x 12.4 x 2.6 inches
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Vertx Men's Tactical Pants Cargo with Pockets Features

  • MEN’S TACTICAL PANT: Men’s tactical cargo pants. Very versatile everyday men’s work pants, casual with 14 unique pockets for storing essential items.

  • PERFECT FOR TACTICAL STORAGE: Utilize the cargo pants for men for storage of tools and E&E equipment. These men’s pants make the ideal tactical gear for hunting, police gear pants, hunting pants.

  • MADE FOR PERFORMANCE: Men’s outdoor pants, performance, quick-dry pants for hiking, camping with 37.5 fabric technology to maintain optimum temperature, dry up to 5x faster than similar fabrics, and resist color fading.

  • COMFORT AND DURABILITY: The Fusion stretch tactical pants for men have a flexible waistband, gusseted crotch, high rise in the back, and articulated knees for full comfort and freedom of movement.

  • PREPARED PROFESSIONAL: Stay prepared both on and off the job with these men’s pants with pockets for first responder equipment, two-way radios, and safety items.

About Vertx Men's Tactical Pants Cargo With Pockets

The Fusion Stretch Tactical Pants are the perfect storm of fit, function and comfort. While the Fusion Pants embrace classic Vertex features such as the inset cargo pockets, a full gusset and articulated knees - they have been elevated with innovative features demanded by today's operators. Among them, the durable stretch fabric, Vapor Core, powered by 37.5 Technology, and 14 unique pockets. From range day to tactical operations, the Fusion Pants provide everything needed to maximize performance. 7oz: 42% Polyester, 23% 37.5 Polyester, 35% Cotton 퓨전 스트레치 전술 바지는 핏, 기능 및 편안함의 완벽한 폭풍입니다. 퓨전 팬츠는 인셋 카고 포켓, 풀 거싯 및 관절형 무릎과 같은 클래식한 버텍스 기능을 수용하지만 오늘날의 작업자가 요구하는 혁신적인 기능으로 향상되었습니다. 그 중에서도 37.5 기술로 구동되는 내구성 있는 스트레치 원단, Vapor Core, 및 14개의 독특한 포켓이 있습니다. 다양한 날부터 전술 작전에 이르기까지, 퓨전 팬츠는 성능을 극대화하는 데 필요한 모든 것을 제공합니다. 198g: 42% 폴리에스터, 23% 37.5 폴리에스터, 35% 면. 7oz: 42% Polyester, 23% 37.5 Polyester, 35% Cotton.