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Magnetic Pick Up Tool + Flexible Grabber
Magnetic Pick Up Tool + Flexible Grabber
Magnetic Pick Up Tool + Flexible Grabber
Magnetic Pick Up Tool + Flexible Grabber
Magnetic Pick Up Tool + Flexible Grabber
Magnetic Pick Up Tool + Flexible Grabber
Magnetic Pick Up Tool + Flexible Grabber
Magnetic Pick Up Tool + Flexible Grabber

Magnetic Pick Up Tool + Flexible Grabber Claw/Retrieving Telescoping Magnet Pickup Tool + Flexible Extra Long Reach Bendable Curve Grabber with 4 Claws

Product ID : 41316680
4.5 out of 5 stars

Galleon Product ID 41316680
UPC / ISBN 682559440805
Shipping Weight 0.45 lbs
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Manufacturer AURIDA
Shipping Dimension 7.8 x 5 x 0.98 inches
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Product is Out of Stock as of Sep, 24 2020
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Magnetic Pick Up Tool + Flexible Grabber Features

  • FULL-FUCTION PICK UP KITS: ONE magnetic telescoping stick to pick up metal items dropped in corners or hard-to-reach places. ONE bendable claw garbber tool to pick up items stuck in narrow channels, clear the blockages out from the drains in the kitchen, bathroom or your yard.

  • MAGNETIC TELESCOPIC WAND: Featured with 2/3 inch diameter strong magnetic head, the stick has a lift capacity up to 3 lbs. And the design of a non-slip rubber grip and a flexible length from 7.3 inch to 27.5 inch make it more convenient to pick up proper weight metal objects like bolts, nuts, screws or some hardware tool like hammer, screwdriver and more.

  • FLEXIBLE SPRING GRABBER: When press the spring handle, 4 retractable claws inside the end of this bendable stainless-steel spring tool will open just like a dexterous catcher to grab rubbish or useful object out. With the length of 30.6 inch, it can reach down toilet, sinks, vents or other narrow places.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Both of the two different retriever sticks are coated with rust resistant zinc, a waterproof material to prevent oxidation, which makes them durable and anti-corrosion, can be used indoors or outdoors.

  • IDEAL LIFE HELPER: This retrievers set is perfect for household use, especially in the garage, kitchen or bathroom. Meanwhile, it's a convenient retrieving tool for the elder and handicapped.

About Magnetic Pick Up Tool + Flexible Grabber

PACKAGE INCLUDES:1 x Magnetic telescoping pick up tool1 x Bendable flexible grabberThere will be no worry if you own this pick up tool set, when objects are dropped in some palce where is difficult to pick up by using hand directly. Practical pick up tool kit- Magnetic Telescoping Wand + Flexible Spring Claw Grabber Magnet pick-up tool is very useful for retrieving, especially in some place hard to get, like under your furniture. You don't even need to see the parts to retrieve drops. Just to extend the wand, move it about where you think the part is, and often it will be retrieved without further problem. Claw grabber is a good tool to deal with clog. If an item is dropped down the drain accidentally, the Grabber can provide full access to the drain for a non-damaging pipe retrieval of the dropped item. It's flexible and bendable to reach down depths, easy to pick up object. SPECIFICATION: Magnetic telescoping wand: Length from 7.3 to 27.5 inch diamer: 2/3 inch Claw grabber : Length in 36.6inch Claw length: 1.1 inch Material: Stainless steel Attention: 1. Magnet is very strong. Don't place near anything with a printed circuit board. It can cause havoc to your data.2. The best storage condition of the claw grabber is Natural Tile placement. The long time storage in a unreasonable bending would deform the claw grabber's spring, then the claw could not be push out. We put it in the bag with professional treatment. So our suggestion is that better not to put the claw grabber back in the bag About return policies and services: AURIDA has always been committed to providing customers with higher quality products and a comfortable customer experience. If you have any problems with this Pick up tool kit you purchased, please contact with us, you can receive refund within 30 days.


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