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Replacement 4pcs Bit Holder with Screws for
Replacement 4pcs Bit Holder with Screws for
Replacement 4pcs Bit Holder with Screws for
Replacement 4pcs Bit Holder with Screws for
Replacement 4pcs Bit Holder with Screws for
Replacement 4pcs Bit Holder with Screws for

Replacement 4pcs Bit Holder with Screws for Dewalt 20V Max Tool Drill Impact Driver DCD771 DCD980 DCD985 DCD980 DCD985 DCD980L2 DCD985L2 (4packs)

Product ID : 41861926
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Galleon Product ID 41861926
UPC / ISBN 604213045188
Shipping Weight 0.05 lbs
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Manufacturer SKCMOX
Shipping Dimension 5 x 4.02 x 0.71 inches
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Replacement 4pcs Bit Holder with Screws for Features

  • Fit for dewalt 20V MAX tools. DCD980 DCD985 DCD980L2 DCD985L2 DCD740B, DCD740B-B3, DCD740C1, DCD771C2, DCD780B, DCD780C2, DCD780C2-B2, DCD780X, DCD785C2, DCD785C2-B2, DCD785X, DCD790B, DCD790D2, DCD790D2-AR, DCD790D2-B2, DCD790D2-B3, DCD790D2-BR, DCD791B, DCD791B-B3, DCD791D2, DCD791D2-AR, DCD791D2-B2, DCD791D2-B2C, DCD791D2-B3, DCD791D2-BR, DCD795D2, DCD795D2-AR, DCD795D2-B2, DCD795D2-B3, DCD795D2-BR, DCD796D2, DCD796D2-AR, DCD796D2-B2, DCD796D2-B3, DCD796D2-BR, DCD796D2BT, DCD797D2, DCD980L2.

  • Package include: 4pcs bit holders and 4 pcs screws.

  • These bit holders are replacement parts, not OEM ones. But they are made with good quality and fit perfectly

  • New bit holder maybe a little tight, please press hard when first using. Replace part number N131745 N098881 N092934 N268199-S.

  • They do not fit for Dewalt 18V Tools.

About Replacement 4pcs Bit Holder With Screws For

Package in include 4pcs bit holders and 4 pcs screws. Compatible with: DCD780B Type 1, DCD780B Type 2, DCD780B Type 3, DCD780B Type 4, DCD780C2 Type 1, DCD780C2 Type 2, DCD780C2 Type 3, DCD780C2 Type 4, DCD780C2-B2 Type 1, DCD780X Type 1, DCD785C2 Type 1, DCD785C2 Type 2, DCD785C2 Type 3, DCD785C2 Type 4, DCD785C2-B2 Type 1, DCD785X Type 1, DCD790B Type 1, DCD790B Type 2, DCD790B Type 3, DCD790D2 Type 1, DCD790D2 Type 2, DCD790D2 Type 3, DCD790D2-AR Type 1, DCD790D2-AR Type 2, DCD790D2-B2 Type 1, DCD790D2-B2 Type 2, DCD790D2-B3 Type 1, DCD790D2-B3 Type 2, DCD790D2-BR Type 1, DCD790D2-BR Type 2, DCD791B Type 1, DCD791B Type 2, DCD791B-B3 Type 1, DCD791D2 Type 1, DCD791D2 Type 2, DCD791D2-AR Type 1, DCD791D2-B2 Type 1, DCD791D2-B2C Type 1, DCD791D2-B3 Type 1, DCD791D2-BR Type 1, DCD795D2 Type 1, DCD795D2 Type 2, DCD795D2 Type 3, DCD795D2-AR Type 1, DCD795D2-AR Type 2, DCD795D2-B2 Type 1, DCD795D2-B2 Type 2, DCD795D2-B3 Type 1, DCD795D2-B3 Type 2, DCD795D2-BR Type 1, DCD795D2-BR Type 2, DCD796D2 Type 1, DCD796D2 Type 2, DCD796D2-AR Type 1, DCD796D2-B2 Type 1, DCD796D2-B3 Type 1, DCD796D2-BR Type 1, DCD796D2BT Type 1, DCD990M2 Type 1, DCD990M2 Type 3, DCD991B Type 1, DCD991M2 Type 1, DCD991P2 Type 1, DCD995B Type 1, DCD995B Type 3,


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