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Dyepress PolyGloss Sublimation Coating for Hard
Dyepress PolyGloss Sublimation Coating for Hard

Dyepress PolyGloss Sublimation Coating for Hard Substrates: 16 oz.

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Galleon Product ID 39682858
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Dyepress PolyGloss Sublimation Coating for Hard Features

  • Water-based sublimation coating for wood, ceramic, metal, glass, etc.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjHUwtIgQkA

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About Dyepress PolyGloss Sublimation Coating For Hard

PolyGloss is a 2-part, high-gloss, water-based, sublimation coating for hard surfaces. Every purchase includes PolyGloss, catalyst, and measuring tools. 16 oz. will coat approx. 65 sq. ft. or 240 mugs PolyGloss will provide a high-gloss (wet-look), sublimatable coating for the following surfaces: Metal - Stainless Steel Mugs, Aluminum Signs, License Plates, Zippo Lighters, Clipboards, Dog Tags, Key chains, Nameplates, Aluminum Water Bottles, Fridge Magnets, Christmas Ornaments, Polished Marble & Stone, FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), Hardboard (aka Masonite, /Thrifty White Board available at Home Depot in 4' X 8' sheets with "white-board" finish), Ceramic Mugs & Tile, Glass, Wood, etc. PolyGloss is a 2-part, polyester resin that can be applied with common household tools. It cleans up easy with water and does not emit toxic fumes. The catalyst is added at a ratio of 1 ml for every ounce of PolyGloss. The PolyGloss mixture has a potlife of 18 hours. Unlike most 2-part resins, the mixture can be re-catalyzed after the potlife has expired by adding additional catalyst at the same 1 ml per ounce ratio. Catalyst and measuring syringe are included in package. PolyGloss must be heat-cured. Detailed instructions available on the PolyGloss page of the Dyepress website.


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