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Dynamic Ghostology 2: Composite Entities
Dynamic Ghostology 2: Composite Entities

Dynamic Ghostology 2: Composite Entities (Dyanamic Ghostology)

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About Dynamic Ghostology 2: Composite Entities

In Dynamic Ghostology 2 we continue up the power scale in the exploration of the next level of entities – The Composite Entities. These include; Elementals, Plants, Animals and Humans. Here we explore all the components that make up composite beings, the natural soul cycle of each group and the four step drop formula which can drop composite entities into the negative realities. Chapters include:The Basic Make up of Composite EntitiesCOMPOSITE ENTITIES CHART 5 – 8The Evolution of Composite Entities Cellular MemoryCharacteristics of Composite EntitiesLEVEL 5 – BASIC ELEMENTALS The Intricate Hierarchy of Elementals Earth Elementals Earth Elemental Characteristics Earth Elementals and Ghostology Air Elementals Air Elemental Characteristics Air Elementals and Ghostology Water Elementals Water Elemental Characteristics Water Elementals and Ghostology Fire Elementals Fire Elementals Characteristics Fire Elementals and GhostologyLEVEL 6 – PLANTS ELEMENTALS The Organization of Plant Elementals Nature Spirits DevaOverlighting DevaIdentifying Plant Deva Verses GhostsHow to Work With Plant Elementals LEVEL 7 – ANIMALS The Composite Nature of Animals Small and Wild Domestics Animals and Pets Metaphysical Bonds Animals and Ghostology LEVEL 8 – HUMANS The Aura Body of a Human Basic Chakra Chart 1-7 Higher Chakra Chart 8 – 12 Day Dreams Meditations & Prayer The Dream State Astral Projection Near Death Experiences Past Life Regressions The Psychic State The Death Experience Death & Transition Aura Body Conclusions The Extraordinary Composite BeingGlossary of TermsReferencesAbout the Author