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Dynamic Ghostology: Nonphysical Entities
Dynamic Ghostology: Nonphysical Entities

Dynamic Ghostology: Nonphysical Entities (Dynamic Ghostology: Book 1)

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About Dynamic Ghostology: Nonphysical Entities

What are ghosts? Where do they come from? How can some people see them and others can't? How do mediums talk to dead people? What happens to me after I die? Are angels real? If you have asked yourself any of these questions then the material in these pages will give you a profound understanding of nonphysical beings. Dynamic Ghostology is a totally cutting edge understanding of paranormal entities and energies. Inside you will find thousands of years of myths, legends, scriptures, eye witness accounts and actual experiences of people working in the paranormal field and other fields. These are then matched up to professionals and their work in theoretical science, quantum science, parapsychology, biological science, archeological science, medical science and psychic science. The correlations between scientific fields and paranormal research, who normally do not work with each other, reveals astonishing understandings about the nonphysical universe and its workings. With more that thirty years of working experience in the paranormal Debbora sets these energies into a chart beginning with paranormal energies and moves up the scale to greater and greater energies and entities that inhabit each level. Now you can use the chart and not only understand paranormal phenomena, but you can use it to predict behavior, strength and tone. In this book you will find Levels 1 – 4. The negative nonphysical energies and entities. In Level 1: Construct Entities you will learn what creates construct entities and "residual" energies in the environment and how the cleanse the environment of them. Each level is laid out with behaviors that are common to that level and how you can understand or study them more closely. In Level 2: Altered Construct Entities and Natural Elementals we explore how objects and environments can be altered to create effects and how natural elementals can be altered to create negative affects with objects and environments. Level