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Ghostology: Ghostly Attacks: Tales from a Decade of
Ghostology: Ghostly Attacks: Tales from a Decade of

Ghostology: Ghostly Attacks: Tales from a Decade of Paranormal Investigation

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About Ghostology: Ghostly Attacks: Tales From A Decade Of

True paranormal stories told by a real ghost hunter from extremely haunted locations. A cursed bed in an attic, an invisible man at an abandoned hotel, and a shadow demon above an Ouija board; these are just a few of the authentic experiences described by paranormal investigator Scott Brian. With a degree in archaeology, Scott has over a decade researching haunting encounters with apparitions and other ghostly phenomena. From poltergeist like activity to the occult, Scott uses methods and techniques barrowed from traditional science to study the unexplained. Now Scott tells of his most thrilling and mysterious investigations over the past ten years. Haunted houses, ghosts, spirits and other supernatural entities are just some of the topics covered in Ghostology: Ghostly Attacks. Unlike other paranormal books, the Ghostology series goes beyond a carnival thrill ride, documenting real-life hauntings to research the afterlife. Ghostology is meant for fans of the paranormal craving true nonfiction mysteries from a scientific view from parapsychology, anthropology and other studies. Scott’s story and life as a ghost hunter is meant to inspire readers to examine the possibilities of life after death. Every ancient and modern culture in the world has supernatural beliefs that include hauntings by the dead. Ghostology examines those beliefs in Scott’s home state of Idaho that can be applied to any place in the United States. Readers can also visit Scott’s website Ghostology.com for links to video and audio clips from his paranormal investigations.