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Empath Healing: Emotional Insight for Highly
Empath Healing: Emotional Insight for Highly

Empath Healing: Emotional Insight for Highly Sensitive People, Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Healing

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About Empath Healing: Emotional Insight For Highly

Have you ever heard someone describe you are overly emotional? Do you hear people tell you that you need to "toughen up", or stop being such a "cry baby"? Have you been diagnosed by a medical professional as manic depressive or bi-polar? Is this in part because your emotions swing wildly and without warning? Have you experienced a physical response when you are around someone who is hurt or sick? If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you need to hear about what it is like to be an empath. An empath is a person who is highly sensitive to the emotions and feelings of other people. They can tell off the bat what people are feeling, literally, all the time. And they can often feel this without the other person ever verbally sharing this information with them. They just sense it. You possess abilities that do require constant attention and management. It is necessary to protect yourself from harm and negativity in order for you to share your gifts safely with others. The purpose of this book is to give you tools to not only protect yourself but also to heal yourself when things get out of control or out of hand. Through these chapters, you will learn what it is like to be an empath, what it is like to have a spiritual connection, develop loving relationships, and support the health of your body. Some of the highlights of this book include: A highlight of personality traits that most empaths embody Description of how emotions and empaths play together, including some of the most common challenges empaths face. Health concerns for empaths and what are some of the common causes. Suggestions on how to heal various ailments an empath is facing, including several more holistic options rather than medications. Suggestions for how empaths can develop and foster positive relationships and loving connections. Practical advice to help you create, implement, monitor,


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