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Reiki Healing: A Spiritual Healing and Self
Reiki Healing: A Spiritual Healing and Self

Reiki Healing: A Spiritual Healing and Self Improvement: Guide to Increase Energy, Improve Health, Reduce Stress, and Feel Amazing

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About Reiki Healing: A Spiritual Healing And Self

Reiki is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternative healing methods out there, but can it really live up to the hype? This thorough guide will answer all of the questions you've ever had about Reiki so that you can go to your first session with confidence and truly reap the benefits of your practice. Whether you're looking to heal a physical illness or injury or would just like some peace and tranquility in your life, Reiki has the power to heal you by channeling and strengthening the energy that already exists within you. This guide will help you make the most out of this process by offering suggestions and advice not only about how to get started but also how to enhance your practice through Reiki add-ons If you're a total newbie, or even if you're a veteran looking to gain more perspective, this guide will include useful basics such as: A history of Reiki An up-to-date review of the scientific studies backing Reiki A neurological explanation of how Reiki improves mood and brain function while lowering stress A step-by-step guide to finding the right practitioner for the right price Tips on how to deal with the aftereffects of tuning into your energy And that's just the beginning! For those who are looking to take their Reiki to the next level, this guide offers advice on: Personalizing the practice in terms of style and treatment goals Troubleshooting any issues in the practitioner-client relationship Tackling practical problems like missing a session Dealing with motivation problems And for those of you who have been practicing Reiki for a while but would really like to make the most out of your sessions or simply shake things up, this guide includes an entire chapter on Reiki add-ons that will make your healing practice more effective and engaging. You'll learn how to: Set up a meditation practice that you