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BMW Engine Block Gasket - Crankshaft Seal Housing
BMW Engine Block Gasket - Crankshaft Seal Housing
BMW Engine Block Gasket - Crankshaft Seal Housing

BMW Engine Block Gasket - Crankshaft Seal Housing Rear  524td 528e 318i 318is 325e 325i 325ix 525i 318i 318is 318ti 320i 323i 325i 325is 328i M3 M3 3.2 525i 528i 530i 320i 323Ci 323i 325Ci 325i 325xi 328Ci 328i 330Ci 330i 330xi M3 X5 3.0i 525i 530i X3 2.

Product ID : 16303512
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Galleon Product ID 16303512
UPC / ISBN 706084256936
Shipping Weight 0 lbs
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Manufacturer Victor Reinz
Shipping Dimension 0 x 0 x 0 inches
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Brand Victor Reinz
Package Quantity 1
UPC 706084256936
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BMW Engine Block Gasket - Crankshaft Seal Housing Features

  • BMW Engine Block Gasket - Crankshaft Seal Housing Rear  E28 E30 E34 E36 E39 E46

  • This part is used in Engine Block Mounting Parts --

  • Manufacturer Warranty: 24000 miles or 2 years

  • Please see Product Description below for vehicle compatibility

About BMW Engine Block Gasket - Crankshaft Seal Housing

Sdn-524td-1983-86 Sdn-528e-1982-88 Conv-318i-1987-92 Conv-325i-1987-93 Cpe-318is-1989-91 Cpe-325e-1984-88 Cpe-325i-1987-91 Cpe-325ix-1988-91 Sdn-318i-1989-91 Sdn-325e-1984-88 Sdn-325i-1987-91 Sdn-325ix-1988-91 Sdn-525i-1989-90 Sdn-525i-1991-95 Wagon-525i-1992-95 Compact-318ti-1994-95 Compact-318ti-1996-98 Conv-318i-1994-95 Conv-318i-1996-99 Conv-323i-1994-99 Conv-325i-1994-95 Conv-328i-1995-99 Conv-M3 3.2-1996-99 Cpe-318is-1994-95 Cpe-318is-1996-98 Cpe-323i-1995-99 Cpe-325is-1992-95 Cpe-328i-1995-99 Cpe-M3 3.2-1995-99 Cpe-M3-1993-95 Sdn-318i-1994-95 Sdn-318i-1996-98 Sdn-320i-1992-95 Sdn-325i-1992-95 Sdn-328i-1995-98 Sdn-M3 3.2-1996-99 Sdn-525i-2001-03 Sdn-528i-09/1998-00 Sdn-528i-1997-09/1998 Sdn-530i-2001-03 Wagon-525i-2001-03 Wagon-528i-09/1998-00 Conv-323Ci-2000-00 Conv-325Ci-2001-06 Conv-330Ci-2001-06 Conv-M3-2001-06 Cpe-323Ci-2000-00 Cpe-325Ci M54-2000-06 Cpe-325Ci M56-2003-06 Cpe-328Ci-2000-00 Cpe-330Ci-2001-06 Cpe-M3-2001-06 Sdn-320i-2000-00 Sdn-323i-1999-00 Sdn-325i M54-2001-05 Sdn-325i M56-2003-05 Sdn-325xi-2001-05 Sdn-328i-1999-00 Sdn-330i-2001-05 Sdn-330xi-2001-05 Wagon-323i-2000-00 Wagon-325i M54-2001-05 Wagon-325i M56-2003-05 Wagon-325xi-2001-06 E53-X5 3.0i-2001-06 Sdn-525i-2004-05 Sdn-530i-2004-05 E83-X3 2.5i-2004-06 E83-X3 3.0i-2004-06 E85-Roadster-Z4 2.5i-2003-05 E85-Roadster-Z4 3.0i-2003-05 E85-Roadster-Z4 M3.2-2007-08 E86-Cpe-Z4 M3.2-2007-08 Z3-Cpe-Z3 2.8-09/1998-99 Z3-Cpe-Z3 3.0i-2000-02 Z3-Cpe-Z3 M3.2-1999-00 Z3-Cpe-Z3 M3.2-2001-02 Z3-Roadster-Z3 1.9-1996-98 Z3-Roadster-Z3 2.5-1999-00 Z3-Roadster-Z3 2.5i-2001-02 Z3-Roadster-Z3 2.8-09/1998-00 Z3-Roadster-Z3 2.8-1997-09/1998 Z3-Roadster-Z3 3.0i-2001-02 Z3-Roadster-Z3 M3.2-1998-00 Z3-Roadster-Z3 M3.2-2001-02