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Shadowrun Corporate Intrigue
Shadowrun Corporate Intrigue
Shadowrun Corporate Intrigue
Shadowrun Corporate Intrigue
Shadowrun Corporate Intrigue

Shadowrun Corporate Intrigue (Shadowrun (Catalyst))

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Galleon Product ID 19413819
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Binding: Paperback
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Brand Catalyst
Number Of Pages 160
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Publication Date 2012-03-07
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Shadowrun Corporate Intrigue Features

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About Shadowrun Corporate Intrigue

Takes the wealth of information presented in CorporateGuide and turns some of the critical plot points into adventure seeds and campaigns for players. • Provides detailed locations that can be dropped into different Sixth World settings, minimizing the work gamemasters have to do to prepare for a session or for a longer campaign. • Details dozens of non-player characters that can be used either in campaigns based on plot points provided in this book or in any other campaign, especially those with a corporate-centered plot. • Builds on existing plot elements in the Sixth World and incorporates them into playable campaigns. • Presents fiction that will help immerse gamemasters and players in the setting and the ongoing Shadowrun plot. Requires Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition; the second in a new line of sourcebooks that provides numerous adventure hooks, location details, and non-player character stats to allow gamemasters to easily design short adventures or longer campaigns around a single theme―in this case, intrigue involving the Big Ten corporations of the Sixth World.