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Manipulation, Body Language, Dark
Manipulation, Body Language, Dark
Manipulation, Body Language, Dark

Manipulation, Body Language, Dark Psychology, NLP, Mind Control and How to Analyze People: Master your Emotions, Influence People, Brainwashing, Hypnotism, Stoicism, Personality Types and Persuasion

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Galleon Product ID 46916528
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About Manipulation, Body Language, Dark

Product Description The Ultimate Guide to Master the Art of Persuasion, Control your Emotions, Influence, and Speed Read People! Have you ever felt manipulated by someone? Do you admire people that can talk themselves out of any problem or tough spot? Do you avoid social situations because you feel inadequate and always say the wrong thing? If you answered Yes to any of those questions, this book is for you - so keep listening! Manipulators and people who are looking to use us for their advantage, are all around us. Fortunately, there are methods to spot them and beat them at their game! This bundle is the ultimate collection of books that deal with dark psychology. What you’ll learn will change your perspective of yourself and raise your confidence through the roof! The techniques and methods described here will make sure you’ll never be harmed again, and you’ll also be able to use them for your gain. The time when you’ve felt like a victim can be a thing of the past! Here’s what you’ll master with this bundle: Using body language to become a fantastic communicator Interpreting gestures, and subtle signs to analyze others Persuading people with ease Recognizing when someone is manipulating you Defending yourself from every type of manipulator Dealing with an abusive or manipulative partner Using manipulation as a means of persuasion Raising your emotional intelligence and self-awareness Knowing exactly how to act in any type of social or work situation And so much more! Remember that knowledge is power, and the field of dark psychology is unfortunately still not fully explored. In other words, people are not talking about it enough, and that puts those unsavory characters in an advantage. Take control and protect yourself, and your loved ones from manipulators, energy vampires and anyone else who preys on what they consider your weaknesses. BUY this Bundle NOW, unleash your mental power, and thrive in any social situation! Review This was my first step into Audible, and the audiobook really impressed me. All I have to say is: excellent content, excellent voices, and the book was given to me by Jake Smith himself! :) It was enough to enter the preview of the Kindle version et voilà: there is a link for Free download! What else to add? I'm 100% satisfied - Ashley J. Cooper, new Audible Addict I didn't understand very much about emotional intelligence and dark psychology, but my eyes were opened and I learned a great deal. Amazing information for a beginner! - Grace Galleon, Voice Over Artist I admit it. I had always seen mental manipulation and mind control as something negative to be avoided. I usually enjoy happy romance fiction, but this one caught my eye. I think I did well to buy this amazing bundle, because I discovered how things really are. And they turn out to be much closer to fiction than you might imagine, unfortunately! It will open your eyes (it did mine), and maybe change your mind about the matter! - Scarlett Love, Author This bundle is fantastic: three books for the price of one. It has helped me to understand things like how both our love life and work lives really work, and how people continually apply techniques of persuasion, manipulation and negotiation against us, even unconsciously. I strongly recommend this audiobook if you want to stop people doing this to you! - Jay J. King, Blogger From the Author First of all, let me thank you for buying this book collection. It is a collection of psychological tricks and strategies that I believe everyone ought to master - this is why I decided to sacrifice some of my free time and write these books. I've included a lot of diverse psychological tools, from NLP to manipulation techniques that are somewhat off-limits but definitely worth knowing. I hope my books will help you open many, many doors. You've probably noticed that "people skills" play a major role in your success - and scientists agree with this observation. Your intelligenc