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Christian Courtship in an Oversexed World: A
Christian Courtship in an Oversexed World: A

Christian Courtship in an Oversexed World: A Guide for Catholics

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Galleon Product ID 34626693
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Binding: Paperback
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Manufacturer Brand: Our Sunday Visitor (IN)/Catholic Faith Alive
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Author Thomas G. Morrow
Brand Unknown
Edition 1st
Number Of Pages 299
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Publication Date 2003-09-01
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Christian Courtship in an Oversexed World: A Features

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About Christian Courtship In An Oversexed World: A

Product Description Christian Courtship in an Over Sexed World is the only guide for single Roman Catholics that covers it all, from where to find a spouse-worthy mate to planning the wedding. Practical, entertaining, and theologically sound, Christian Courtship in an Oversexed World: Examines the many meanings of love Defines a moral approach to courtship Explains how chastity fosters happiness Offers solutions to the gender gap in commu Presents the vision of a Catholic marriage. For anyone who has felt out of step with the times when it comes to modern, commonly accepted dating practices, this is a reassuring book that says there is a better way. A way that leads to true, lifelong happiness...and holiness. Review I'm really surprised that no one has reviewed this book. I have met Fr. Morrow and if any of you live close to Washington, DC, please visit his parish. When I read this, I could not put it down. I even ordered extra copies of this book, and gave them as gifts to a few of my buddies. Alhough this review is written from a man's perspective, the content pertains to both sexes. The content of this book is on a mature level, with an audience reaching the 25+ age bracket. I recommend it for people who have been out of college for a few years and have discerned a vocation to the marriage covenant. This book is definitely not for John Q. Public who is looking to take someone home from a bar on Friday night. A large part of what Fr. Morrow touches on is that our culture really needs to change. Sadly, pre-marital sex has become much of the norm, and too many people decide to become a "couple" after the 2nd or 3rd date. This had led to not only quite a bit of heartbreak, but also a serious lack of trust in others. Our society has become a "friends with benefits" world, which has led to a breakdown in the "sanctity of marriage" and the marriage covenant. A lot of the "heartbreak" associated with secular dating today has been destroyed due to pre-marital sex. Lovemaking should only take place within the sanctity of marriage, and the marital embrace shall always be open to life. The best courtship is a chaste and honorable courtship. Sadly, many men (I can pick on men, I am one) have forgotten how to do this. What I liked best about this book is Fr. Morrow suggests doing some "friendship dating" for at least one to three months before making a "commitment" to someone. It is fun to take a young lady to an art museum, send her flowers, write her letters, or go for long walks in the park. Attending Mass together and praying together are wonderful things to do too. Fr. Morrow also throws in some ideas for some good "cheap dates" that are not only fun, but also creative. Fr. Morrow touches quite a bit on formation (before finding Miss Right, you need to be Mr. Right), questions to ask, and conversations to have during the courtship process. There is also an excellent chapter written on modesty and communication. Fr. Morrow gives some insights on places to go to meet a prospective spouse, such as Catholic seminars and pro-life events. However, he stresses that people go because you are interested in participating in a cause or hearing a lecture, not just finding someone to go to a movie with Saturday night. As a never married Catholic man in my mid 30's, (I was in my late 20's when I "returned" to the faith, and began to learn more about it), I find that there are quite a few single Catholic women who are looking for a Catholic man to step up to the plate. Many devout Catholic men have not taken enough initative in this area, and I think that is one reason why quite a few Catholic women are marrying men outside of their faith. Another reason I think alot of Catholic women have been marrying outside their faith is they find that there are several "Catholic" men out there who are not truly Catholic, and do not meet their expectations. Catholic men, I urge you to learn your faith well and practice it. If you are called to marriage,