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Dig dog bone Three channel leakage
Dig dog bone Three channel leakage
Dig dog bone Three channel leakage
Dig dog bone Three channel leakage
Dig dog bone Three channel leakage
Dig dog bone Three channel leakage
Dig dog bone Three channel leakage
Dig dog bone Three channel leakage

Dig dog bone Three channel leakage current/current monitor recorder three-phase current ETCR8300

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Galleon Product ID 33656595
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Manufacturer Dig Dog Bone
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Dig dog bone Three channel leakage Features

  • ETCR8300 series Three-Channel Current/Leakage Monitoring Recorder is well designed and manufactured for online measurement, monitoring and recording of Three-Channel AC leakage / current at the same time. It is composed of a tester, monitoring software, current clamp and communication cable, etc.

  • The instrument has a large LCD display with blue background and a large storage space. 3900 sets of data can be stored in the instrument. Three- channel current value can be display on the screen. System clock can be set. In addition, the instrument can automatically store data at an interval, which is adjustable from 1 to 99 min.

  • Monitoring software provides online and real-time monitoring and historical data inquiry. With the software developed by our technical department, the users can read, inquire, store, generate and print a fitting curve and report.

  • The current clamp is made of a special alloy, adopts the latest CT technique and magnetic shielding technique and is not almost interfered by external magnetic field. This ensures high accuracy, high stability and high reliability of the values which are measured continuously.

  • This instrument has been widely applied the 380/220 Power system. It can provide a safety and convenience measurement with accurate results.

About Dig Dog Bone Three Channel Leakage

*Functions Measuring AC leakage current and AC current of three channel, monitoring current in real-time manner, locating insulation faults and repairing electrical lines. *Power source DC6V, alkaline battery LR03 1.5V×4 *Testing Method Split core type CT, true RMS *Range 0mA-200A *Resolution 1mA *Accuracy ±2%±5dgt *Clamp size 35mm×40mm *Instrument Dimension Tester(L×W×H): 75mm ×170mm ×30mm Current clamp(L×W×H): 122mm ×70mm ×33mm *Mass Tester: 750g (battery included) Current clamp: 170g × 3 PCS *LCD Dimension Display field: 44mm×27mm *Shield Type Type B: Double shielding *Sampling Rate 2 samples/s *Data storage 3900 sets (data loss does not occur after power failure or replacing the battery) *Time Setting Recording internal adjustable from 1 to 60 min, If set to 0 min, the auto-store function is turned off *Recording Time Continuously operate for about 10 days at the power-saving mode *Line Voltage Line with a voltage up to AC600V *Overflow Display The "OL" symbol is displayed when a measured value is beyond the measurement range *Battery. Voltage A Low-Battery symbol is displayed and the user should replace the battery with a new one when the battery voltage drops to 4.6V to 4.8V. In this case, the measured values are still accurate. *Rated Power about 5mA at the power-saving mode, maximum current consumption: 20mA *Lead Length 2 m *Temperature and Humidity Working: -20℃~50℃;below 80%rh Storage: -20℃~50℃;below 70%rh *Insulation Resistance Higher than 100MΩ, 1000V *Safety Codes IEC1010-1, IEC1010-2-032, Pollution Class 2, CAT Ⅲ(600V), IEC61326(EMC standard)