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FLIR C2-KIT Thermal Imager Kit with Hardcase
FLIR C2-KIT Thermal Imager Kit with Hardcase

FLIR C2-KIT Thermal Imager Kit with Hardcase

Product ID : 8380519
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Galleon Product ID 8380519
UPC / ISBN 645759308795
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Manufacturer Flir
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Brand FLIR
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UPC 645759308795
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FLIR C2-KIT Thermal Imager Kit with Hardcase Features


  • True radiometric images (allowing you to adjust your image after you download it)

  • 80x60 (4,800 pixel) resolution

  • FLIR MSX® image enhancement mode for razor-sharp thermal images

About FLIR C2-KIT Thermal Imager Kit With Hardcase

Flir C2 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera Welcome to a whole level of field inspection and analysis. FLIR has put the power of thermal imaging within reach of everyone who needs to see beyond visible light. The FLIR C2 compact thermal camera allows building contractors and industry experts to quickly and easily survey a location and determine if deeper investigation is needed. This can save both time and money. Pull it out of your shirt pocket and check for hidden signs of heat which can indicate structural integrity defects, plumbing problems or wasted energy. Or worse, a major issue that could put lives in danger. Seeing beyond the visible spectrum of light reveals a variety of detail, once you get further up or down the electromagnetic spectrum. Getting down into ultraviolet or up into infrared gives us information about the world around us that we would have missed completely. By tuning into the radiated heat of an object, reading the infrared energy emitted, we can see differences and immediately know there may be an issue. How many times have you missed a problem that could have been averted, if only you had had a way to see the issue first? The FLIR C2 thermal imaging camera is the indispensable tool for your frontline inspections. It is a true thermal imaging camera that fits right in your pocket. You will never have to say If only there was a way we could have known. When items emit more heat than they should (or more heat than other items, under similar conditions), the thermal camera is your best and safest way to know for sure. By the time your eyes can see the problem, it's probably too late. What makes the FLIR C2 a true thermal imaging camera? It has an 80x60 resolution, which gives you 4,800 pixels of temperature information. It has very good thermal sensitivity. This is especially important when looking objects close to ambient temperature, so you can see the subtle differences. It has MSX real time image enhancement


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