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Dentance Professional Dental Guards – Set of 4
Dentance Professional Dental Guards – Set of 4
Dentance Professional Dental Guards – Set of 4
Dentance Professional Dental Guards – Set of 4
Dentance Professional Dental Guards – Set of 4
Dentance Professional Dental Guards – Set of 4
Dentance Professional Dental Guards – Set of 4
Dentance Professional Dental Guards – Set of 4

Dentance Professional Dental Guards – Set of 4 USA Designed Mouth Guard - Custom Fit - No BPA - Dental Guards for Teeth Grinding & Sport Athletes - Regular & Heavy Duty protection - Teeth Whitening

Product ID : 42638688
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Galleon Product ID 42638688
UPC / ISBN 631384359592
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Manufacturer PARAIBA WHITE
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Dentance Professional Dental Guards – Set of 4 Features

  • MULTI-USE MOUTH GUARDS: Our mouth guard can be used in many situations, such as protection against nighttime teeth grinding and clenching or sports; you can even use them as teeth trays for whitening - any whitening gel stays in place so you get a great whitening experience mouth guard dental guard anti grinding

  • 2 SIZES TO FIT YOUR NEEDS: Our teeth grinding guard comes in 2 different sizes, which can be trimmed to fit any mouth - regular and small - both pleasantly fit in your mouth, eliminating the feeling of overwhelming bulkiness and irritation on sensitive gums

  • COMFORTABLE FIT FOR ANY MOUTH: Easily mold our teeth grinding mouth guard for sleep to your unique mouth so you have the most comfortable fit; our bite guard comes with easy to follow instructions on how to mold them - all you need is water

  • NO MORE EXPENSIVE NIGHT GUARD: You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars at the dentist for a high quality bite guard for teeth grinding; our BPA free dental night guard gives you the same professional quality at a great price; and it comes with an antibacterial case

  • PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE: If you are unhappy with your dental guard for teeth grinding or have trouble moulding them, please contact us directly and we will offer you a refund or a replacement even after 30 days of purchase

About Dentance Professional Dental Guards – Set Of 4

● Prevents Teeth Grinding: Dentance Mouth Guard is ablessing for people who suffer from teeth grinding in their sleep. Themouthguard forms a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth so asto prevent it from getting damaged due to grinding. It helps such users to sleepat peace without worrying about the harm that involuntary grinding can do toteeth. ● Safe to Use: Dentance Mouth Guard offers asafe option to create a personalised mouth guard at home without the need tobook a dentist’s appointment. There are no complications to mold the mouthguardor to use it. ● No Bitter Aftertaste: Dentance Mouth Guard leavesno bad aftertaste that can make its use uncomfortable. It is easy to forgetthat the mouth guard is being used, since it blends right in with the teethwithout any difficulties. ● Ideal for Sports Lifestyle: Dentance Mouth Guard is wellsuited for users who lead a highly active lifestyle and perform a lot ofphysical activities. During sports sessions, teeth are always in danger ofbeing damaged. Wearing the mouthguard van prevent such damage and keep yourteeth intact as long as it is used. ● Easy to Apply: It is quite easy to learn andunderstand how to apply Dentance Mouth Guard. As long as the molding is doneright, the mouth guard will fit perfectly on the teeth and do its job. It canbe used while sleeping, exercising or any other time when required. It is easyto put on as well as to take off. ● Personalized Comfort: Dentance Mouth Guard can be molded according topersonal preference. It can be made as thin or thick as the user wants it tobe. The mouth guard fits well with all mouth sizes, and it is up to the user todetermine its size. This feature makes the mouthguard completely customis mouth guard dental guard