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Buy China branded products through Galleon.ph. Get access to over 140,000 international and Chinese brands from more than 100,000 merchants.

Over 500 million products!

It’s quite simple really, just send us a link of a online website in China we can get the items from and send us the product URL.

It would be preferred you send a link from any of these top B2C websites.

Taobao.com is not listed since it’s a C2C marketplace where anyone can post and sell their goods. Based on our research,

this is well not the effort in buying because of multiple problems like out of stock issues and counterfeit goods.

Of course we don’t expect you to read and write Chinese so here’s a quick guide on how to search and read descriptions on the website.

It would be best if you get on your desktop or laptop for this.

Browsing on the site

  1. Open a new tab or window and go to Google Translate. Select “Detect Language” or “Chinese” on the drop down menu.
  2. Copy one of the Chinese URLs above and paste it into Google Translate text box on the left and hit the blue “Translate” button.

    It should produce a hyperlinked website on the left. Click that

  3. You should see the website now translated to English.
  4. Repeat step 1 if you don’t see the Google Translate toolbar.
  5. If it shows an error or doesn’t load, you need to manually translate the text as you browse.

Translating Manually or via Smart Phone

  1. Copy the Chinese words you would like to translate to English
  2. Open a new tab or window and go to Google Translate. Select “Detect Language” or “Chinese” on the drop down menu.

    Then paste the Chinese words there and hit the blue “Translate” button

  3. Another option is to download Google Translate on your Apple Device (iOS) or Android Device. Select Chinese on the left dropdown menu.

    Then take a photo of the screen you are reading and highlight the words you want translated. This is great for text inside images

Searching for products

  1. Try searching in English keywords or brand names to get results. Note that for English words, you will only get results that have English words

    on the product name or description.

  2. Use Google Translate but this time, switch that language so that it translates from English to Chinese.
  3. Paste the Chinese words on the search bar of your preferred website and hit search. You can try a combination of Chinese and English words

    to see what comes up.

  4. Most of these sites also have advanced search that can refine your search results to a particular brand, category, color, size, etc.

    Just use the Google Translate techniques above to be able to read the options.

  5. Some brand names in English is not translated properly. To find the Chinese brand equivalent, try searching for the English brand.

    Look at the listings that contains both English and Chinese translated brand on the product name. Copy the Chinese brand on the search bar.

  6. Frozen keyword but common Chinese keyword is 冰雪奇缘. Search to check results
If you have questions or clarifications on the steps, you can go ahead and reach us so we can assist you.