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Isavera Thigh Sculpting Freezing System | Legs
Isavera Thigh Sculpting Freezing System | Legs
Isavera Thigh Sculpting Freezing System | Legs
Isavera Thigh Sculpting Freezing System | Legs
Isavera Thigh Sculpting Freezing System | Legs
Isavera Thigh Sculpting Freezing System | Legs
Isavera Thigh Sculpting Freezing System | Legs
Isavera Thigh Sculpting Freezing System | Legs

Isavera Thigh Sculpting Freezing System | Legs Shaper for Women & Men | Helps Minimize Appearance of Thigh Flab

Product ID : 42020447
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Galleon Product ID 42020447
UPC / ISBN 704751837372
Shipping Weight 6.04 lbs
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Manufacturer Isavera
Shipping Dimension 12.76 x 9.8 x 4.61 inches
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Before ₱ 9,869

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Isavera Thigh Sculpting Freezing System | Legs Features

  • Target Your Legs: For many people, one of the most common areas for fat deposits is the thighs. This is why many of us tend to struggle with the pesky 'saddlebag effect'. If you can relate to this, you’re not alone. Our innovative LegSculptor thigh wraps have helped many individuals target the appearance of unwanted thigh fat.

  • It's Time to Feel Better About Yourself: Reduce appearance of fat in stubborn areas that diet and exercise don’t target. Our proprietary, dual-action gel packs help spot-reduce stubborn fat on your thighs. Helps reduce unwanted cellulite and fat dimples. You don’t have to stress and struggle in your battle to get the look you want for your legs. Works fast with proven results for most people.

  • Easy-To-Use System: The Isavera thigh wraps are based on fat cooling principles that are intended to help you target stubborn fat deposits that seem to persist - despite your best efforts to maintain healthy diet and exercise routines. Our contouring, custom-formulated gel packs reach temperatures that have helped many achieve their desire: the appearance of gradual fat loss - without harming the skin.

  • Fits Your Schedule: If you’re looking to improve upon the victories you’ve achieved through exercise and a healthy, well-balanced diet, then it may be time to try our fat reduction trainer wraps. Manage weight more effectively with less dieting and time-consuming exercise. Our waist trimmer effectively targets stubborn fat that has been difficult or impossible to lose in the past.

  • Many people are purchasing our Isavera Fat Reduction System to dramatically enhance fat loss results. Burn fat with our thigh fat loss wraps today.

About Isavera Thigh Sculpting Freezing System | Legs

Having slim and toned legs is anyone's dream, but the fat deposits in our thighs can be challenging - even with our best efforts in diet and exercise. That's why we've designed the Isavera LegSculptor fat freezing system, a revolutionary way to tone inner and outer thigh fat.  Whether you want to speed up your metabolism or get that amazing 'thigh gap' that people will envy you for, our LegSculptor has you covered. Why is this product for you?The Isavera LegSculptor wraps utilize a dual-action gel that reaches temperatures that have been known to cause fat cell apoptosis (cell destruction). Our wraps use cold to help spot-reduce fatty areas in your thighs without harming skin. No exercise and diet required: our fat freezing wraps and gel packs will help tone and sculpt your legs. Some of the amazing features of this product:The Isavera LegSculptor thighs bands are a safe, easy and effortless way to sculpt and tone legs - primarily inner and upper thighs. Easy to use and comfortable. Special nylon inner pocket and velour-fabric outer pocket for enhanced comfort. Works from the comfort of home. Utilizes proprietary dual-action gel that activates the fat burning process and speeds up metabolism.  Closely designed after several scientific studies. Can help reduce 'orange peel effect', cellulite and fat dimples.For stubborn thigh fat on both women and men.Completely safe and non-invasive. No surgery, gimmicks or pills.  Tested, proven and fueled by scientific studies.  Get the sculpted legs you dream of with our premium Isavera LegSculptor Fat Freezing Wraps. Try our product completely risk free for 90 days.