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SMARTMED Blister Bandages
SMARTMED Blister Bandages
SMARTMED Blister Bandages
SMARTMED Blister Bandages

SMARTMED Blister Bandages (10 assorted blister patches) Advanced self-adhesive Bandages - Wound Care Patches - Waterproof Hydrocolloid Pads Blister Cushions for Smart Blister Prevention and Protection

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Galleon Product ID 42631140
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SMARTMED Blister Bandages Features

  • 👟 "SET & FORGET" ADVANCED BLISTER CARE - Experience a different class of comfort AND heavy-duty premium quality all together with Smartmed Adhesive Bandages. Each sterile hydrocolloidal patch naturally "hugs" and seals cuts or blisters away from bacteria, dirt, and germs. Just stick a blister cushion over wounded skin, feet, toes, heels or ankles, and you'll feel the SMARTMED difference. Trust us, you'll never want to go back to standard toe blister bandaids again. Feel amazing with every step!

  • 👍 SMART DUAL-ACTION SEALING - Our blister treatment support encourages tender AND efficient skin repair. As soon as you apply a SMARTMED Blister Cover, the safety sealing isolates the blister under a protective layer, for multiple days, creating the perfect conditions for smooth healing. Body liquids are instantly absorbed and turned into a soft buffer. This prevents skin from drying out and forming scabs (which delays healing). A NEW SKIN naturally grows underneath the blister shield plaster.

  • ✅ PROTECT, TREAT AND PREVENT - Whether you're hiking, running a marathon or rocking a new pair of shoes, don't let blisters ruin it! Let the SMARTMED hydrocolloid blister plasters work their magic. They'll protect the skin from friction or pressure, prevent blister formation AND ease the pain for already-damaged areas. However you call it - "shoe blister pad" or "blister treatment patch" - the sooner your use it, the faster you'll feel great again. Gym-goers, busy people and athletes love it!

  • 🚿 WATERPROOF, SUPER STICKY & MULTI-USE - Apply a SMARTMED blister protector and leave it on for a few days! It'll silently absorb the moisture from the blister. No amount of sweat, germs or water can get in there. The adhesive is super strong, yet delicate - will stay in place for days without tearing newly-formed skin when it's done. Makes luxuriously-perfect shoe blister inserts, foot blister pads or foot blister bandages. Easy to apply anywhere on the body - on fingers, heels, and hands, too

  • 💰 10 ASSORTED CUSHIONS IN 1 PACK - 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Buy the SMARTMED Pack of 10 Blister Relief Bandages for extended coverage AND peace of mind. Compactly packed. Easy to store - at home or on the go. This is the superior cushioning against blisters you've been waiting for. Supreme shielding. No painful rubbing. If you're not completely satisfied with our medical-grade heel protectors for blisters, ask for a refund. Walk in complete comfort. Give your feet a painless, comfy treat!

About SMARTMED Blister Bandages

10 Advanced Healing Blister Bandages by SMARTMED - Heavy-Duty Blister Covers Like No Others! The Smartest Blister Protection. Period. On the back of your heel or your 3rd toe, blisters cause excruciating pain. At SMARTMED, we believe that the best blister bandage must Prevent, Heal AND Protect at the same time. That's why we designed the smartest Hydrocolloid "wound-closure" Blister And Friction Protection. Easy to use, discreet, hygienic, thin YET supremely cushy. Just stick the SMARTMED plasters for wounds and let them work their magic. The Hydrocolloid Effect Unlike cheaply-made adhesive bandages, with SMARTMED blister plasters you know for sure there's "healing in progress" - the Hydrocolloidal dressing relieves pain and pressure, then swells to form a white, spongy bubble that cushions your blister from more excruciating rubbing. Perfect for active lifestyles! Waterproof "Seal and Heal" Action The sticky, protective film is a total-sealing barrier against dirt and bacteria. Keeps the wound safe, without suffocating it. It efficiently extracts and eliminates the excess of moisture. The waterproof cushioning shield prevents even blisters-to-be from forming AND promotes the generation of new skin cells.


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