FasciaBlaster The ProBlaster Handheld by Ashley
FasciaBlaster The ProBlaster Handheld by Ashley
FasciaBlaster The ProBlaster Handheld by Ashley
FasciaBlaster The ProBlaster Handheld by Ashley
FasciaBlaster The ProBlaster Handheld by Ashley

FasciaBlaster The ProBlaster Handheld by Ashley Black. Scientifcally Proven MyoFascial Tools. Gentle Massage with Effective Results. Releive Full Body Tension and Anti-Cellulite

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FasciaBlaster The ProBlaster Handheld by Ashley Features

  • FasciaBlaster by Ashley Black originates from her overcoming a cripple childhood and a debilitating bone infection. After healing herself, she wanted to help the masses. For 20 years, she treated pro athletes and celebrities before launching the FasciaBlaster. FasciaBlasters tools are now being used by the Fascia Advancement Academy, Spas, Contouring Clinics, and Pro Training rooms. Fascia Science and FasciaBlaster techniques are offered for FREE on The Fascia App. Take your self-care game to a whole new level with our all-encompassing fascia care system. Bringing Fascia Health to the World.

  • A groundbreaking company in the world of therapy and beauty, it is the first and only manual tool proven to regenerate fascia tissue in peer-reviewed and published science. FasciaBlasting is more than a temporary feel-good; it's the long game of regenerating fascia. Fascia does not respond to rolling, pounding, or vibrating. The engineering of our tools allows the penetration of myofascial tissues and triggers the remodeling effect. Science shows an increase in irisin, a decrease in inflammation, less cellulite, less subcutaneous fat and more energy, less pain, and better overall well-being.

  • We are the pioneers of this industry, boasting over 75 global patents, 111 Trademarks, and 17 copyrights. With over $170M sold, FasciaBlaster is a 2x America's Fastest Growing Companies winner. Black has been awarded Inventor of the Year and A Lifetime Achievement Award in Consumer Goods. She has authored 2 #1 Best Selling books and is often the keynote speaker at medical conferences and health symposiums introducing FasciaBlaster research. Black's knowledge and techniques are improving the lives of millions. The tools may look symplectic, but the results are dramatic and beyond expectation.

  • The ProBlaster was named after the professional bodyworkers, "the pros," who wanted a FasciaBlaster tool that was a natural extension of their hand. The Problaster is just that; it allows for massage motion in any direction. It has small claws, which are perfect for the skin, first layer of fascia, lymphatic system, and circulatory system. The ProBlaster is intuitive, like washing with a bar of soap. It is the gentle giant, gentle enough for a baby, but with giant fascia remodeling results. The top is high-quality silicone that is easy to grip and hold. Perfect for full-body FasciaBlaster treatments.

  • Utilty Patent Number - 10322057*

About FasciaBlaster The ProBlaster Handheld By Ashley

The ProBlaster️️️️️️ is FasciaBlasting in the palm of your hand (literally)! With medical grade silicone for a soft grip and two rows of mini claws, it's powerful, yet GENTLE.