Adlens Variable Focus Glasses - Adjustable
Adlens Variable Focus Glasses - Adjustable

Adlens Variable Focus Glasses - Adjustable Prescription Lenses for Instant 20/20 Vision - Nearsighted & Farsighted Correction - Stylish Adlens Reading Glasses for Men & Women - By Lens Innovations

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Galleon Product ID 30657319
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Brand Triumph Vision
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UPC 806808278555
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Adlens Variable Focus Glasses - Adjustable Features

  • Premium Adlens glasses - Are you looking for the best adjustable specs on the market? Our Adlens eyewear give you clear vision with just a few turns of the dials! Adjustable lenses allow you to change the magnification with total ease.

  • Incredible convenient - No need for tools or a trip to the optometrist! These Adlens glasses are the perfect alternative to normal prescription lenses. Get clear, 20/20 vision without any hassles by using our variable focus glasses.

  • Highly versatile - Great for everyday use, or as an emergency backup to your usual pair, these Adlens spectacles are effective in a wide variety of situations. Wear them while reading, driving, using the computer, or enjoying your hobbies.

  • Stylish design - Our Adlens glasses are also very fashionable. They have a unisex design that flatters most face shapes! Our product has a 49-22-141 frame, which is very flexible and durable. These glasses won't let you down.

  • Advanced lens technology - Triump Vision offers the best quality on the market. Our adjustable lens eyewear boasts a lens diopter range of -6 to +3, making them suitable for both nearsighted and farsighted users - but not for astigmatism.

About Adlens Variable Focus Glasses - Adjustable

"Experience the latest in vision correction technology with our Adlens Adjustable Glasses! These variable focus glasses correct your vision instantly, with each lens having a dial that lets you finely adjust the magnification. Now you can enjoy 20/20 vision, without even having to got to the optometrist for a new pair of spectacles. Use our Adlens eyewear in every daily activity! Reading, driving, working on the computer, or watching the TV - our adjustable focus glasses give you perfect vision in all circumstances. A great alternative to conventional prescription lenses, or even just as an emergency backup pair for your usual glasses, our product is a must-have! Don't let eyestrain get you down - this product is effective for both nearsighted and farsighted users. It boasts an impressive diopter range of -6 to +3, and each lens can be adjusted individually. Our eyewear is unisex, and very stylish - the design was specifically chosen to flatter most face shapes. This is the perfect accessory for anyone with less than perfect visual clarity! Triumph Vision puts quality first, so you know you're receiving a great product. However, these eyeglasses are not suitable for people with astigmatism."